This Diffuser Will Make Your Stress Melt Away in the Shower

Treat Yourself To A Better Bathing Experience With Essential Oils


The Details:

  • Enjoy essential oils while you bathe or shower
  • Accepts bottles from major brands with 5ml, 10ml, and 15ml sizes
  • Turn your bathroom in your own aromatherapy spa

Why You Want It:

Aromatherapy, also known as Essential Oil therapy, is a holistic healing treatment that uses naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to relieve stress and promote well-being. It’s a relaxing, soothing experience. But aromatherapy treatment can also cost a lot of money. Turn your bathroom into a home spa with the Oasis Shower Diffuser and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy without the hefty price-tag of going to a professional. You can diffuse essential oils from the major brands or even use two simultaneously.

The Deal:

The Oasis Shower Diffuser usually costs $79.95, but now you can turn your bathroom into a home spa for $42.95. That’s a 46% discount!