2 Lesser-Known Online Mattress Companies You Should Consider

Because different sleepers have different needs


Everyone wants a comfortable night’s sleep, but we all have a different definition of what that means. We’ve found some online mattress companies that take different approaches to ensuring you get a restful sleep that allows you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.

Check out their approaches to keeping your body cool overnight and providing support for your spine—some of the essential things a mattress has to do to keep you comfy.

Muse Sleep

Muse uses a special material on the mattress cover to help keep you cool. The cover is made from phase-changing material, which is a fancy way of saying the material absorbs the temperature of the room your sleeping in, not your body temperature. If the room is 70 degrees, so is the cover, even when your 98.6-degree body has been sleeping on it for hours.

Under the cool cover, there’s a layer of memory foam that’s infused with a gel to dissipate the heat. That way you get the traditional benefits of memory foam—absorbing motion, contouring to your body, and relieving pressure—without the heat.

Unlike some online mattress companies, Muse also lets you choose from three comfort levels: select a soft, medium, or firm mattress that complements your sleeping style.

Luma Sleep

The Luma Slumber System is a two-piece system with a comfortable Talalay latex layer on top of a supportive base—you can choose from individually wrapped coils pocket coils or Dunlop latex. Dunlop is a dense form of latex foam that provides ideal support while you’re sleeping. The Luma system is designed to provide you support for your spine, back, and shoulders.

The design of the Luma mattress is based on the advice of Dr. Michael J. Brues, one of the world’s best-known sleep doctors. The mattress was designed to provide his four criteria for a great night’s sleep: balanced pressure, spinal support, limited motion transfer, and temperature neutrality. Keeping the temperature neutral, or consistent, is accomplished with the Talalay latex, which is naturally breathable and wicks away extra heat and moisture.