These Kinetic Pants Use Your Body’s Natural Heat to Stay Wrinkle Free

But Their Timeless Style Has Nothing To Do With Body Heat

Ministry Of Supply

If you’ve been struggling in your attempts to navigate the scary new sartorial world that is “smart casual,” you already know you don’t need to be worrying about wrinkles on top of everything else in your life. Enter the Kinetic Connection from Ministry of Supply, which fulfill the style-requirements of smart casual to a tee and also stay totally wrinkle-free thanks to high-tech fabrics that utilize your body’s own heat.

Ministry of Supply was born at MIT, and that scientific approach to making clothes has created a truly wrinkle-free fabric that’s affordable and even more importantly, wearable in almost any situation. The pants are sweat-proof, high-stretch, and basically built to withstand just about any harsh treatment a pair of pants you can dish out.

Kinetic Dress Pants - Scientifically Wrinkle Free

Kinetic Dress Pants achieve all these wondrous technological benefits through their specially developed Japanese Primeflex polyester. Primeflex combines the feel of typical woven material with the breathability and flexibility of a knit material, resulting in the ideal dress pants. Throw in the material’s ability to draw heat from your body in order to release and relax wrinkles within just 15 minutes of your putting them on — no ironing necessary — and the whole thing seems too good to be true.

High-Tech Design

Each pair of Ministry of Supply’s Kinetic Dress Pants are going to look and feel like they were designed just for you, thanks to their tendency to synchronize and harmonize with your body in a way that a typical pair of pants never could. In essence, they’re as comfortable and practical as a good example of athletic wear, while being stylish enough to pass for formalwear in most work or social situations. Kinetic Dress Pants truly give you the best of all possible pants thanks to their savvy combination of fashion with technology.

Sustainable Style

Kinetic Dress Pants

That on its own would probably be enough to convince most people to give Kinetic Dress Pants a try. But there’s another aspect of Ministry of Supply’s business that makes their products even more appealing: sustainability. In an attempt to offset the estimated 14 million pounds of clothing that people in the US throw away every year, MoS creates clothing (including their Kinetic Collection) that is designed to last longer than typical clothes of their type. They’ve also sought to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible in their manufacturing processes, including their 3D Print-Knit which has helped them reduce their own scrap waste by nearly a third.

Sustainability, style, and science: If those three S’s seem like your wheelhouse, head over to the Ministry of Supply’s Kinetic Collection here and grab a pair of pants for yourself — then, consider donating your iron to charity, or something.

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