These Edible Gifts Are Better Than Stuff That Gets Tossed in the Closet

Edible gifts are the best gifts. 


They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I really think the way to anyone’s heart is food—and yummy treats—oh and cake…don’t forget the cake. Trust me, folks people love to receive food as a gift. I mean, a basket of mini muffins was worth an ugly naked guys apartment in NYC right? Am I right, Friends fans?

Edible gifts are far better than a paperweight that will end up being tossed in a closet, in the basement, way in the back. You get it.

Chocolate Butter Croissants

There’s probably no better feeling than having delicious baked goods delivered to your door. And chocolate wrapped in buttery flaky dough sounds like the best gift ever. Pre-proofed and ready to bake, who knew a trip to Paris only takes 18 minutes.

A Barbecue To Remember

It’s the height of summer and no doubt bbq get-togethers are in full swing so you’re probably on the lookout for a great hostess gift. If not you should be it’s just good manners. An assortment of bbq sauces that you won’t find just anywhere sounds like a good bet. With flavors like Chimmichuri, pomegranate mango chipotle and cherry, bbq never tasted so good.

Velvet Bees Honey Butter

Velvet bees honey butter is made with only five all-natural ingredients. While it’s intended as a delicious spread or yummy drizzle, you just might find yourself eating it with a spoon. No judgment here my friends, enjoy.

Great Coffees Of The World Gift Box

Any coffee connoisseurs in your life? How about gifting a basket filled with coffee they won’t find at the local Piggly Wiggly? With gourmet coffees like Indonesian Sumatra Aceh, Ethiopian Yirgecheffee, 100% Kona, and Organic Fair Trade Colombian this one is sure to please.

Strawberry Cheesecake

I’m a firm believer in the idea that cake fixes everything. And a great cheesecake is just good for the soul. Made by Gerald’s heavenly desserts, igourmet brings you a smooth delicious cheesecake made with a buttery cookie crust topped with hand-laid strawberries. Indeed that sounds like a slice of heaven in a box.

Chocolate Lovers Basket

A basket of chocolate? Umm yes, please. You shouldn’t need too much convincing but just in case, it’s a basket — filled with chocolate. With treats and chocolate from Belgium, Germany, Normandy, and America, this basket has essentially traveled around the world collecting the very best chocolate treats along the way.

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