'It: Chapter Two' SDCC Trailer: Pennywise Is Back and Creepier Than Ever

Pennywise gets a nightmarish new look.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown returns to torment the Losers’ Club in It: Chapter Two, 27 years after the first movie. The final full trailer debuted Wednesday night at the unofficial ScareDiego San Diego Comic-Con launch that hit the internet Thursday. The entire Losers’ Club is all grown up, and the horrors they’ll face when they converge back in Derry look that much more mature and nightmarish.

In the trailer, actor Isaiah Mustafa offers voiceover as the adult Mike Hanlon, the only member of the Losers’ Club who remained in Derry after their confrontation with Pennywise in the first film. “Something happens to you when you leave this town,” he says. “The farther away, the hazier it all gets.” The trailer shows a young man drowning in the sewers when Pennywise reaches out.

This is probably the inciting event that prompts Mike to call the rest of the Losers back to Derry, so they can confront the monster to try and kill it once again.

The adult Losers' Club unites.

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At a carnival, James McAvoy as Bill Denbrough races to save a young boy from Pennywise in a hall of mirrors.

“For 27 years, I dreamt of you,” Pennywise says. “I craved you. I missed you.” During these, we’re treated to a montage of horrific scenes. Hundreds of red balloons. A journey back into Pennywise’s lair in the sewers. Gallons and gallons of blood. There’s even another visit from Pennywise pretending to be Georgie, Bill’s little brother who Pennywise killed at the beginning of the first movie.

The last few shots in the trailer show terrifying dreamlike visions, no doubt hallucinations crafted by Pennywise to frighten the Losers.

At the Wednesday night panel, attendees were also treated to three exclusive clips from the movie. In the first, the Losers reunited at a Chinese restaurant (the same shown in the trailer). The second shows Bill frantically racing through the carnival and then the fun house, leading into the hall of mirrors sequence. And in the third, Bill goes back to the dilapidated house on Neibolt Street, an important setting also featured in the first movie.

All of these are at least briefly featured in the full trailer, but they provide greater context for what’s going on in the film. For the rest of us, we’ll have to wait until September to see what terrors Pennywise has in store for the Losers.

It: Chapter Two will be released in theaters September 6.

Rewatch the teaser from May that recreates a classic scene from the It 1990s TV mini-series.

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