Get Your Grill on With These 5 Awesome Accessories

From preparing food to cleaning up, these make grilling easier

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Grilling is a great excuse for a summer party, but it’s also an excellent way to make a quick meal all summer long. An amazing array of food tastes better when it’s cooked on the grill, from meat and veggies to pizza and even Romaine lettuce.

Just like with any other cooking appliance, your grill and you can benefit from some specialized accessories.

Keep Hands Safe

Why We Chose It It’s no secret grills get hot, and burning your hand is a rookie mistake. With a little experience, you realize wearing a glove makes a lot of sense, especially when working with sizzling fat. These leather grill mitts are made from full-grain buffalo leather and are water repellent. Simply clean them with a damp cloth should you get a little barbecue sauce on them.

Eliminate Overcooking

Why We Chose It If you don’t currently check your grilled meat with a thermometer, this instant-read thermometer will be absolutely life-changing. We’re not exaggerating. When you can instantly check the temp of the meat, you can cook steaks to perfection and never have to cut into the chicken to see if it’s still red before you take it off the grill. This thermometer provides a temp reading within 6 seconds and instant updates as the temperature rises. The Taylor brand of thermometer, used in restaurants across the country, is known for accuracy.

When You Grill Pizza

Why We Chose It One of the great treats of summer is pizza cooked on the grill – you get the fire-roasted taste to the crust even if you don’t have a brick oven. If you’re making pizza like a pro, why not a peel for a pro? This 100-percent anodized aluminum pizza peel from Lilly Codroipo in Italy is the peel the pros use. This perforated model is handmade and individually inspected for quality.

Perfectly Sized Burgers

Why We Chose It If you cook a lot of burgers, you know it’s a pain when they are an inconsistent size and thickness, resulting in some burgers being dry and overcooked. With a burger press, you can be certain that every burger you make is the exact same size. The Grill Friends press even has a thumbprint indentation that will keep your burgers from puffing up into a ball while you’re cooking them. The press makes a 4-inch burger.

A Clean Grill

Why We Chose It What’s the worst thing about grilling? Cleaning the grill grate, especially if you heat the grate first and then scrape it – it’s efficient but who wants their hands close to the hot grill? This grill scrub brush is designed for use on a cool grill, so you can scrape before you heat the grill, meaning you’re not going to burn yourself. The thick resin handle provides a good grip, and the three rows of bristles will cover a lot of territory in one swipe.

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