We Love These Scooters and You Will Too

It's the best way to get around the city

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Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get around the city, or you don’t want to invest in a bike because you’re worried about keeping it safe in a big city, you might want to try this super compact and cool looking scooter.

If you haven’t ridden a scooter since the 4th grade, this one isn’t anything like any of the ones you’ve used as a kid. In fact, it’s more like an extremely compact and light weight bicycle.

Motini’s Portable Electric Scooter will easily take you around the city, and when you’ve reached your destination, you’ll be able to quickly fold it and store it under the desk, or in a corner, without being worried about taking too much space. This is also perfect if you have a small apartment and or are concerned about storage in your home. Unlike a bicycle, you won’t have to worry about this scooter permanently taking up the whole hallway to your apartment.

How small does it fold? When folded up, you can fit 4 Motinis in truck of a standard car. But to be more exact it measures 25 inches by 17 inches when folded. The scooter weights 25 pounds, so light enough that you can carry it from one place to another without too much trouble.

The seats are ergonomically designed for optimal comfort. The Motini battery is removable to make charging simple and convenient. It also doubles as a portable charger which can charge up to three devices at a time, so as long as you are riding your scooter, your phone will never run out of battery.

The Motini battery will last you for 6 miles, which, if you’re in a city, is more than enough ground to cover. But the great thing about these rechargeable batteries is that if you need more than one, you can always replace one while the first one is recharging.

Motini scooters are made from lightweight aluminum alloy material which is light weight but also durable. They fit into 28 inch suitcases, so you can bring it with you on a plane or when you’re traveling long distances. But because of how compact and neatly it folds, you also don’t need a suitcase. You can just fold it and bring it on a bus, train or subway, or where ever you need to go next.