Make Walking Your Dog Easier With These Kits

Never run out of bags.

Wild One

There’s nothing like taking your pup for a walk to help clear your head, get some exercise and spend time with your favorite furry friend. But let’s face it. Sometimes walking your dog can be an exercise in frustration if you forget to bring something with you to pick up Fido’s poo. No one wants to be that person who doesn’t pick up after their dog. So, save yourself the stress and snag this Walk Kit from Wild One.

Walk Kit

Wild One

Everything’s in one place

One of the best ways to make sure that you don’t forget an essential like poo bags is to have them with you at all times. Wild One helps you out by creating this Walk Kit that features a collar, leash and attachable bag holder for easy access. Simply connect it to the leash and then when you’re ready to take your pup for a walk, attach the leash to their collar or harness.

The Harness Walk Kit

Wild One


While some dogs do well with a traditional neck collar, it isn’t always recommended for every breed because of their physiology. Wild One offers their Walk Kit with the choice of a collar or harness for a more comfortable experience for your dog. The leash and collar are made of a flex poly-coated nylon strap while the harness features a neoprene construction that provides stretch and isn’t confining. Note that while the dog collar is available in sizes XS through XL, the harness is only available in sizes S through XL.

The Walk Kit Color Options

Wild One

And that leash can be adjusted to two different lengths depending on your needs. When you’re in the city or a crowded area and need to keep your pup close, simply use the hook to adjust the length to 39 inches. And when you have plenty of freedom and space, adjust it again to 66 inches. The Walk Kit is available in six coordinated colorways: navy, tan, red, blush, black, and gray. So, there’s no excuse not to be stylish—even when you’re walking the dog.