Get Uncrackable Online Security Across All Your Devices

Generate And Save Unlimited Unbreakable Passwords


The Details:

Why You Want It:

When it comes to the information in your online accounts, you can never be too careful. The first line of defense is a strong password. But you’ll quickly run out of brain space trying to remember multiple passwords, and writing them down in a notebook is even less secure. So check out Keeper, a robust password management service. Keeper not only stores unlimited passwords but can also generate super-secure passwords no one can crack. Secure your data using two-factor methods including text and fingerprint verification. In a world of data leaks and stolen info, this is the best way to keep your digital security on lock.

The Deal:

A one-year subscription for Keeper Password Manager is $29.99, but now you can secure your online presence for 33% less than the usual price for just $19.99.