Stay Hydrated This Summer With This Deliciousness

This fruit-flavored drink mix is scientifically designed for optimal hydration


If you aren’t properly hydrated, you aren’t performing your best. And studies show that many Americans are underhydrated. But maybe the problem isn’t that you’re not drinking enough water. The issue might be that you’re not getting the electrolytes you need in the water you’re drinking.

The solution to that problem comes with Hydrant, a fruit-flavored powder you add to your water to reach optimal hydration.

Hydrant, or more formally Hydrant’s Rapid Hydration Mix, is the creation of John Sherwin, who realized he wasn’t hydrating properly while studying biology at Oxford University. He decided to create the perfect blend of electrolytes so that your body would hydrate faster and more efficiently.

It turns out your body better absorbs water into your cells when you add electrolytes and a touch of sugar to your water. The small bit of sugar in the Rapid Rehydration Mix speeds up your absorption of the liquid and electrolytes your body needs. By replacing water and electrolytes, your body returns to its optimal hydration state and you can perform your best.

Hydrant’s Rapid Hydration Mix comes in 3 citrus flavors: grapefruit, lime, and blood orange. To drink it, mix it with cold water (the colder, the better). The exact concentration you use is up to your taste, but use 8 to 16 ounces of water for one packet of mix.

The company recommends drinking one packet in the morning and possibly one in the afternoon, but do what feels right for you. You might want to drink Hydrant before, during, and/or after working out, for instance. It’ll also help you deal with the dehydration that comes from drinking alcohol or being physically ill.

The mix is considered food/beverage and not a dietary supplement. Simple, effective hydration is an important factor in feeling good and staying healthy, and Hydrant helps you do that.

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