Use That Hot-as-Heck Sun With Solar Panels

Finally, a simplified process to turn your roof into a power plant

Pick My Solar

Have you received an electricity bill for a full month of air conditioning this summer? Not a happy topic, is it?

Couple high power bills with your concerns about climate change, and going solar makes a lot of sense. Many homeowners think about adding solar power to their roof, but they never get any further than thinking about it because they don’t even know how to begin the process.

If you’re thinking about solar power, there’s a new source of help and information at Pick My Solar. This website has you covered throughout the entire process.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated online expert advisor who will guide you through the whole project. The Pick My Solar design team will design and correctly size a system that will work on your roof, and then they’ll have their network of experienced installers bid on your project so you can pick the offer you like best.

They won’t forget about you after the installation is complete, either. Pick My Solar stands behind the engineering and design of the systems and the installation partner’s quality of work. Installers offer a workmanship guarantee for at least 10 years, and all the solar systems available through Pick My Solar have a manufacturer’s guarantee of at least 10 years.

If you’re still on the fence or want to learn more about solar energy before committing to a system, the Pick My Solar website has a huge library of solar resources where you can learn everything you want about solar systems, from how a solar panel works, to how to figure out the what a system will cost you, to how to finance the project. Videos, charts, and graphs help explain technical concepts.

There’s no cost to get a solar analysis or to get quotes on a project, so you can quit thinking about solar and take the next step.

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