5 Amazon Prime Day Deals We're Excited About

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Amazon’s Prime Day is just around the corner and with it brings some of the best deals available all year, making it Amazon’s Black Friday in the Summertime. While discounts span across categories, Prime Day is perfect to get tech for less. Here are 5 Prime Day Deals we’re excited about, some of which are already available.

Note: Some of these technically aren’t Prime Day deals, but items currently on sale and will likely remain that way through Prime Day itself.

WD 2TB My Passport SSD

WD 2TB My Passport SSD Portable Storage 


Expanding the storage of your computer isn’t nearly as expensive as it used to be. You can find a decent hard drive for under $100 and call it a day. This is pretty much the same for external hard drives, too. However, the cream of the crop comes in the form of solid state drives, or SSDs. Whether internal or external, SSDs have come down in price from a few years ago, but still aren’t nearly as cheap as the traditional hard drives. That’s why the WD 2TB My Passport portable SSD is an absolute steal.

Normally $700, Prime Day is taking $400 off of the portable SSD, bringing the total down to $300. At nearly 60% off, we’re sure you’ll be able to justify this purchase one way or another.

Apple iPad 128GB

Apple iPad (128GB)


Yes, the older Apple iPad doesn’t hold a candle to the iPad Pro, iPad Air, or even the new iPad Mini, but it’s still the best iPad for most people. A pain point with this model is that Apple only offers it in a 32GB version and a 128GB version, with nothing in between. With the lack of a 64GB option, which is the base capacity for all newer iPads now, you’re left with cheaping out on a model that you will certainly fill up if you use it often or shell out more money for the $128 model. During Prime Day, you won’t have to. The 128GB iPad is $100 off, making it a great deal and a great gift idea. Hint, hint.

Samsung 50-inch 4K Smart TV

Samsung 55-Inch 4K UHD 7 Series Ultra HD Smart TV


Samsung is responsible for some of the best TVs around and its 7 Series lineup strikes a fine balance between features, quality, and affordability. With its current sale, you can grab any model of the series with a minimum discount of 20%.

The 43, 50, 55, and 58-inch models of this TV are all currently on sale for $102 off. While that may not sound like a huge discount for a TV, the 7 Series lineup is already very affordable. If you opt to go for a larger model, you’ll find an even greater discount, with the 65-inch model coming in at $220 cheaper and the 75-inch coming in at $302 cheaper.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Echo Dot

Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Echo Dot


If there was ever a time to invest in smart home gadgets, Prime Day would be it. As such, you can grab the Ring Video Doorbell Pro with 3rd-gen Echo Dot for only $170.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro allows you to view who’s at your door anytime you want via the companion app. If you have a Fire TV, you can even ask Alexa on the free Echo Dot this deal comes with to show the live video feed on your television. The Ring also offers up two-way communication, thanks to the built-in microphone and speakers.

Beats Solo3 Wireless

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Matte Black


The Beats Solo3 wireless headphones have been around for some time, and while they’re not the best of the best option around, they’re much better than your average set of cans. Now, factor in that you can grab a pair for under $200 and they should be looking pretty appealing.

This pair of headphones offers fantastic battery life—better than the likes of the Sony 1000Xm3 and Bose QC 35 II. If you ever find yourself needing to charge the headphones a quick 5 minute charge will give up 3 hours of playback time.