The Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Slippers for Warm Weather Are Here

The Seavees slipper is one of our favorites

Slippers are often great in the winter but annoying the other 9 months in a year. A good slipper keeps your feet warm but can also make them sweaty and uncomfortable. If slippers are something you’d like, but never seem satisfied when you buy them, we’re with you. We also have a solution.

The Seavees Indoor-Outdoor Slipper sold through Huckberry is the perfect combination of warm enough to keep your feet warm but beathable so you can wear them all day. We took these slippers for a spin all week and we were impressed to say the least.

First the look and design is nice. We went with the backless slippers for ease in and out and because we were frankly worried the full slip on would keep our feet a little too warm.

The fit was perfect and we were instantly caught by the comfort. The gum rubber calendar outsole makes these easy to walk around in and even good for a short trip to the store.

They kept our feet nice and warm all week too. A house with central air is a wonderful thing in the summer months but it can make your feet cold. These were a great fit and kept the feet nice and warm. What it didn’t do was make them too hot. We were able to wear them for hours at a time. Both indoor and outdoors.

The fact that the slipper is so breathable and because it’s got an odor reducing woolen construction means that we didn’t have to content with an unpleasant smell.

These slippers quickly went from something we were trying to our go-to indoor item. Work shoes come off, Seavees come on. What’s even better is the price. Right now these slippers are $34.98 making them a great buy for anyone in the market for the perfect slipper for the warmer weather. We’re also confident they’ll hold up well in the winter but we can confirm their value in the hot months.