Personalize the Heck Out of Your Phone

These phone accessories are functional and fun!

Unsplash / Tinh Khuong

Pop a PopGrip onto the back of your phone and now you can hold it one-handed much more easily. It gives you a little grip so the that huge investment doesn’t slide out of your hand when you are trying to snap a photo or send a text.

A moon PopSocketPopSocket

Super handy. Easy to install and remove. And very useful. PopGrips come in a bazillion colors and styles or you can design your own.

Once you have a PopGrip installed on your phone, buy some mounts so you can stick your phone to convenient places. Or add a wallet so you have a credit card or ID with you wherever you go. (Because you know you won’t forget your phone.)

##Sloths-A-Lot PopGrip

Sloths-A-Lot PopSocketsPopSockets

So cute! Your day will go so much better with these little guys in tow, helping you take photos and watch cat videos. They are adorable.

This is a completely swappable PopGrip, which means you can easily pop it off and pop on another whenever the mood strikes you. Keep a collection on hand. Match them to your outfit. Match them to your mood.

Iridescent Snake

Iridescent Snake PopSocketPopSocket

That iridescent snake skin will look super pretty against the back of your phone. This is a classy, subtle way to add a grip to your phone and a great PopGrip to add to your collection. Wear this when your mood turns slithery. This is a vegan leather mounted into aluminium and it has a slick shimmer that will go with your dress shoes.

Glow in the Dark Multi-Surface Mount

Glow in the Dark Multi-Surface MountPopSocket

Want to go hands free when you are home? Stick a PopSocket mount — such as this Glow in the Dark Multi-Surface Mount — anywhere. Then stick your phone in it when you want to set it down and still have it handy. Stick one on the kitchen wall for following recipes. To the bed for listening to music. In the bathroom to keep your phone away from water while you shave and watch a movie.

This one glows in the dark so you won’t have to turn on a light to locate it.

PopWallet Black Splatter

PopWallet Black SplatterPopSocket

Never be without a credit card. Even if you are just going out for a run, you will bring your phone, right? Stick a PopWallet to the back of it, put a credit card in the wallet, and you will always be ready for whatever happens out there.

This one looks like a black paint splatter but there are dozens of designs to choose from.

PopWallet+ Out of the Woods

PopWallet+ Out of the WoodsPopSocket

Add a wallet and a socket grip to your phone for this awesome and functional look!

The removable stick plate plus the wallet plus the Out of the Wood styled PopSocket make for a wood grain look that will warm up the look of your phone and dial in your preparedness for whatever your day holds.