Now You Can Stop Robocalls & Spam Texts Once and for All With Uncall

And best of all, it will only cost you $15 or less per device.


If you have a phone number of any kind, you’re probably very familiar with getting unwanted texts and phone calls from a variety of sources. And chances are that at this point you’ve already given up on trying to prevent them. Fortunately, there is finally a simple, reasonably-priced way to stop robocalls and spam texts. It’s called Uncall, and it will let you retake control of your phone as well as your privacy.

Uncall lets you secure your phone number and make sure it’s only in the hands of people you actually want to have it. The first step is to take part in Uncall’s free “rough analysis.” This gives you a general idea of how many robocall or spammer lists your phone is on, which is where the majority of unwanted calls and texts come from. After you decide to sign up, Uncall then begins the process of scrubbing your number from those lists — both from the relatively legitimate “white hat” variety, and from the less reputable “dark web” number logs. The service uses tried and true methods to either mark your number as a “bad conversion” (meaning not worth anyone’s while to call with sales pitches or scams) or remove them entirely from the lists in question. And you can get started with that first step right away, for free:

Test Your Phone Number Now for Free

Uncall is available in virtually every country and for every phone number on Earth. And the company offers its service for an extremely affordable price. No matter which of Uncall’s two pricing structures is right for you, you’ll pay for the service once and only once for lifetime coverage, and you’ll receive monthly checkups to make sure your phone number remains safe and secure.

About Uncall’s two pricing structures — it’s very simple, and depends only on how many phone numbers and their associated devices you wish to secure. If it’s fewer than five, the standard plan is for you, and it costs $15 per device (again, that’s a one-time fee, not a monthly or yearly one). But if you want to stop robocalls and spammers for more than five devices, you can save even more with the Enterprise plan, which offers a discounted rate of $10 per device.

The only question that remains is this: How much would your be willing to pay to stop robocalls, spam texts, pre-recorded voicemail messages, and the like? If the answer is $15 or less, consider giving Uncall a try. Get your phone number tested for free right now and learn more about how Uncall works right here.

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