Best Cheap Sunglasses for Men That Still Look Super Cool

You'll need these during those long sunny days on the beach


The right pair of sunglasses can really make all the difference on a sunny day. It’s hard to enjoy yourself when you’re squinting and lifting your hand up to your forehead like a visor. Not all of them work well either, and sometimes no sunglasses are better than a bad pair. Since you’re carrying them around everywhere you go, taking them on and off, sunglasses are easy to lose and leave behind. The trick is finding ones that are not too expensive that it’ll really suck if you lose them, but not too cheap that they don’t work well. Here are some of our favorites that are currently on sale.

1. Arnette’s Sunglasses Fire Drill

Why We Picked It It’s hard to go wrong with these timeless black Arnette sunglasses. They are pretty much as classic as you can get and right now they are on sale from $79.95.

They are pretty much as classic as you can get and right now they are on sale from $79.95.

2. Arnette’s Sunglasses Fire Drill FUZZY WHITE/ RED MULTILAYER

Why We Picked It If you’re looking for more color or want to make a bolder statement than the Arnette black sunglasses, than these are a great choice. They are made to have a secure fit, which makes them perfect for action-sports, running outside, or even just a long day on the beach.

3. Sunglass Hut Collection Sunglasses

Why We Picked It Though the color is not traditional, these can actually look really cool when you wear them. They are on sale from $99, and until July 14 you can get an additional 25% off with the code SALE25.

4. Sunglass Hut Collection Sunglasses Grey/Green Mirror

Why We Picked It These Sunglasses Hut pair have a similar look to the clear framed one with a rounder shape. They come in the green mirror (above) or a more traditional grey for the same price.

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