If You're Still Not Using a Password Manager, This Deal's Too Good to Miss

Get 42% off RememBear, and protect your passwords for a ridiculously low price.


There are few things more annoying in modern digital life than forgetting a password. It gets worse when you try to reset it and create a new one, only to get the dreaded message, “Cannot Use Old Password.” The smart thing to do is to stay organized and keep a record of all our different passwords, but how many of us can really say we’re smart enough to do it? Plus, there’s always the risk that that record could somehow end up in bad hands, compromising the security of all your different online accounts. So the really smart thing to do is to download RememBear, and let it handle all that password stuff for you. And right now you can look even smarter because you can save 42-percent on a three-year plan. That comes out to to just $1.75 a month, which is a ridiculously good deal.

No, RememBear is not a line of nostalgically-centered teddy bears sold on late night TV to aging consumers. It’s an app that will remember and retrieve all your passwords whenever you need them, with a healthy array of lovable bear puns in the offing (for instance: once you start using this app, it may quickly become a “bear” necessity).

Once you download RememBear for your mobile and/or desktop devices, it will log in to any and all of the online accounts for you, and keep and encrypt each account’s password.

RememBear does more than just save passwords. It will also store credit card numbers, logins, and even one-time 2FA codes as needed. And if you’re too lazy to come up with different passwords for every account, as recommended by cybersecurity experts, RememBear will also help you generate passwords. Without the step of having to come up with different passwords, and knowing you won’t have to remember them anyway, the motivation to just stick with the same password for every account becomes virtually nil.

RememBear Password Manager: 3-Year Subscription

As mentioned above, right now you can get 42-percent off RememBear’s regular price by signing up for a three-year subscription. That comes out to just $1.75 per month, for a total of $36.00. However, two-year and one-year plans are also available at prices that are more than reasonable.

2-Year Subscription

And, as any nature lover will tell you, bears are among the most fiercely protective animals. That trait extends to RememBear as well, since its security features are independently audited and second to none. It boasts AES256 encryption and end-to-end security, both of which ensure that your passwords, login info, and any other data you save through RememBear remains yours and yours alone.

1-Year Subscription

RememBear comes in two versions, Free and Premium. With Free RememBear, you get all the above mentioned features on a single device, with no sync or backup. But for just three bucks a month, you can sync your RememBear account across all your devices, mobile and desktop, with secure backup as well as priority customer service in the unlikely event that some issue with the app’s function arises.

So head over to the RememBear site here to check out the product for yourself, and forget about ever having to remember a password again. With RememBear at the helm, your entire life online just got as easy as catching a salmon with your teeth as it tries to swim upstream.

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