What Are The Best Sneakers To Walk In? Try These Brands

Start off on the right foot when it comes to getting in more steps. 


Looking to start taking exercise more seriously? Maybe you’re just in the market for some new kicks. Whatever your goal may be, the bottom line is you need some shoes, right? But as everyone knows, before you can run, you’ve got to walk.

But which brand out there has the best walking shoes for you to invest in? That’s where we come in. Whether you’re into what Huckberry has to offer, or maybe you’re interested in a pair of Sauconys, we’ve got a few picks for some of the best walking shoes from the hottest brands to get you hopping to your feet and out there walking around the world with some major pep in your step. Check out what we’ve got to offer.

1. Huckberry Vantage Runner

These custom-made Italian sneakers are only available from Huckberry, and they’re inspired by Italian military sneakers. Their classic design looks absolutely fantastic no matter what you pair them with, and they’re soft, plush, and rocking a shock-absorbing insole that’ll keep your feet feeling fresh with every step. With suede uppers and leather and a leather-lined interior, they’re perfect for walking, but you might also want to display them too.

2. Kurt Leather Sneaker

Looking for something simple but chic? This all-white pair of Kurt Leather Sneakers has style in droves, but there’s comfort in mind here, too. Head out on some blood-pumping walks in these low-top, round-toed lace-up sneakers with a padded collar, microsuede lining, and a rubber sole. It’ll be like walking on a cloud (and the same color too), and you should be able to get from point A to point B in style and comfort.

3. Saucony Grid Omni Walker Sneaker

This plush sneaker comes in varieties for both men and women as well as either all-black or all-white. It’s all comfort as well, specifically designed for walking. It’s 100% leather, with a mesh tongue, lace-up vamp, and asymmetrical sole for a better fit. Plus, it features a special outsole design that should make walking even for hours feel just as comfortable as walking for a few minutes. You can thank its premium sockliner, rubber cushioning, and overall design for that.

4. New Balance MW877 Walking Shoe

New Balance is a tried and true name when it comes to reliable walking shoes, and this model doesn’t disappoint. This suede and mesh walking shoe features a rubber sole, special midsole cushioning, a padded tongue and collar, and a low-profile look that will deliver comfort no matter where you’re walking to next. They’ll deliver style and reliable support as well as breathable uppers and a great heel that isn’t susceptible to wear. Don these bad boys next time you’re ready to head out and walk the night away.

5. Nike Tanjun Sneakers

Everyone knows Nike, and the name typically means style, comfort, and reliability. The Tanjun model is no different, and these simple yet classic shoes deliver a comfortable walking shoe that you can buy in colors that match just about everything. The breathable mesh upper will ensure your feet won’t get too hot, and you’ll look super stylish when people check out what you’re wearing with your Friday night outfit.