Pay What You Want for This Huge Synth & Sound Pack Bundle

Start Making The Music You've Only Been Able To Imagine


Why You Want It:

If you’re a music maker you already know you can never get enough sounds. Even when you think you’ve got the perfect sound there’s always one closer to the one you imagined. This massive synth and sound pack bundle will get you closer than ever to the music you hear in your head. In addition to deeply customizable synthesizers, it includes robust sound packs with arpeggios, basses, pads, percussions and sound effects. There are enough cool sounds here for a lifetime of music production.

The Deal:

The total price for all of this software bundled together should be $534, but right now you can get it for up to 99% off when you pay what you want in the Inverse Shop. That’s a much better deal than you’ll get at your local music shop.

Prices subject to change.