5 "Stolen" Galaxy's Edge Souvenirs You Can Get on eBay for $100 or Less

Can't wait for 'Rise of Skywalker'? Can't get to a Disney theme park? We got you.


If you didn’t hear by now, well, I’m sorry: People going to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland in Anaheim are swiping the park’s exclusive sporks to sell on eBay. Here’s a used one for $800.

The wait for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, out in theaters December 20, is growing agonizing for fans. Luckily, Disneyland in Anaheim, California finally opened the doors to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the first true immersive Star Wars theme park experience in the history of the franchise. (Disney World in Orlando, Florida opens its Galaxy’s Edge on August 29.) This should satiate fans eager for The Rise of Skywalker, but the opening of the parks has created a new disturbance in the Force.

It should be said that 1) It takes a very special kind of fan to spend $800 on a used spork, and 2) This is probably a joke. Even though there’s a huge “black market” for Disney park merchandise that sell online at marked-up prices, whoever is behind this spork has to be joking with us. They just have to be.

But there are plenty more listings that are totally real, and at a more reasonable price. Not that any of these are reasonable, but in relative terms a few bucks for a pamphlet that wasn’t in a complete stranger’s mouth is a more sensible splurge than a used utensil that costs literally two brand new Xbox Ones.

Of course, the question remains: Why would anyone buy these? The answer is probably a messy Venn Diagram of “Star Wars,” “They’ll never visit the parks,” and “Collectors going extreme. With that in mind, we opted to round up some of the most bizarre stuff we found from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on eBay.

For under $100, here are some totally not bonkers Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge items you can get that aren’t just the usual gift shop souvenirs.


5. Coke and Water Bottles From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

As reported before the grand opening, the immersion of Galaxy’s Edge is to the point that Coca-Cola drinks — Coke, Diet Coke Sprite, and Dasani — are sold in specialty bottles that help immerse fans.

These bottles aren’t sold anywhere outside Galaxy’s Edge, not even in Disney’s other parks. For that reason, fans have started sneaking unopened bottles home to sell. One listing includes two Cokes, one Sprite, and one Dasani is $40. At least the seller claims to ship free in the U.S.


4. Oga’s Cantina Coasters

I’ll level with you guys: I haven’t visited Galaxy’s Edge. I have, however, watched a ton of travel vloggers hitting up Oga’s Cantina and I noticed the restaurant serves drinks on special coasters. You might expect the souvenir mugs to wind up on eBay, and they do, but fans are also swiping the coasters.

Depending on whether they’re sold individually or in “packs,” you can find them for $10 or more.


3. Blue Milk Cups

Not much to say about this except that the cup this seller claims to have served blue milk can be yours for $4.30. Shipping is at least $3 more for what’s definitely not just a random plastic cup.


2. Oga’s Cantina Menu

Prices vary, but you can find one of the menus from Oga’s Cantina for $20 or more. Some folks “bundle” them in with other stuff, like pins or exclusive Funko Pop figures, to drive up the price. Here’s one that’s $99.


1. Wrinkled Galaxy’s Edge Pamphlets

The ultimate souvenir that shows capitalism has no bounds. The free pamphlets every theme park has available in oodles for you to take means fans are selling the ones for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for actual money. The most popular listing on eBay has one for $15 ($4.06 shipping).

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters on December 20.

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