5 Insanely Expensive Items on Amazon

Save up your pennies and one day you might be able to cop these things. 


Amazon’s home to just about any item you could possibly want, and then some. And while the retailer typically has cheaper items meant to help you save some cash, it’s also rife with plenty of more expensive goods that you can splurge on.

Granted, many of them aren’t going to be attractive buys for the average person, but they sure are fascinating to see populating the massive online retail store. These items may not be gracing your home anytime soon, but it’s still fun to fantasize. Check out some of the most expensive items you can buy on Amazon.

1. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ice Blue Mens Watch

It’s a Rollie, not a stopwatch. With this timepiece, your cash don’t never stop. At least, maybe if you’re Drake or some other ridiculously wealthy celebrity. It’s not unheard of to drop thousands on this particular brand of watch, and this one is definitely an attractive choice. With a platinum band, diamond hour markers, and an ice blue dial, it’ll be turning heads wherever you wear it, that’s for sure. You might have to skip out on buying a house to grab this instead, but you’ll have to decide if that tradeoff is worth it. It IS a Rolex, after all.

2. Canon EF 600mm Super Telephoto Lens

For anyone with a Canon SLR camera, this bad boy is a ridiculously powerful lens that’ll make your digital photos sparkle and shine. With technology like this, it doesn’t even really matter if you’re an amateur. You can make just about any snapshot work with this kind of lens, or if you can’t, you can fake it ‘til you make it. Just look how long it is! That means it’s the best money can get, right? Maybe not, but the price tag suggests quality, that’s for sure.

3. 4K White Gold Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Looking to get married sometime soon? Spoil your partner with this gorgeous ring, complete with a 4.5-karat, princess-cut stone that looks like something a celebrity might rock. It’s so beautiful, it’d be hard to top with the wedding band. Of course, the price reflects as much. You’ll definitely be paying for quality here, but you could also buy a couple of cars or at least the down payment on a house and more with this amount of cash.

4.Mickey Mantle Autographed Baseball Cards

Baseball fans, this is for you. If you’ve go nearly $100k burning a hole in your pocket, you too can own a set of autographed baseball cards signed by Mickey Mantle himself. You get a set of four, professionally graded and authenticated, so you know it’s the real deal. The player signed his card in blue ink, so it’s striking against the card itself. If you ever wanted to own a piece of baseball history, here’s how to do it…and go broke at the same time.

5. Island of Lost Souls Mint Card Set

Own a piece of movie memorabilia history for a ridiculous amount of money. This complete mint set of lobby cards from the movie is still in its original envelope, with eye-popping, gorgeous colors on fresh card stock. It’s nearly 100 yers old, and if you’re a big Bela Lugosi fan, it’s insanely pricey, but if you’re into that kind of thing…maybe it’s worth it to not have enough money for a mortgage?