NordVPN, the Best VPN of 2019, Is Now 75% Off, Which Is Kind of Insane

That's a ridiculous savings of over $300 off the normal monthly price.

When it comes to protecting your online security and privacy, saving money should not be your number one priority. That’s especially true when it comes to VPN services. With all the sensitive data you send and receive over the internet, from credit card numbers and addresses to banking passwords and usernames, you don’t want a third-rate VPN standing between you and some hacker. You want the best protection available. However, every once in a while you can luck out and get a great deal on a great product. And this is one of those times, because right now you can get up to 75-percent off a subscription to NordVPN, which was recently named Best All-Around VPN of 2019 by both PC Magazine and

As you probably know, pretty much everything you do online is being monitored and tracked by somebody. It could be a data brokerage firm building a profile linked to your IP address. It could be a hacker at your favorite cafe waiting for you to do some online shopping over the free but unsecured wifi. It could be a government agency keeping tabs on the things you watch and read. That’s why you need to use a virtual private network, or VPN.

When you sign up for a VPN service, they provide you with special software for your computer, phone, or router that encrypts every piece of information you send out. Then, rather than sending your data straight to its final destination on the internet—whether that’s your bank, an online retailer, or even just Netflix—it gets routed through the VPN so it looks like the data is coming from the their server. Thus, nobody can see what you’re sending or receiving, and nobody can track any of your activity back to you—not even your internet service provider.

Or at least, that’s the theory. In reality, not all VPNs provide complete protection. Some use inferior encryption protocols that are easy to decipher. Some don’t have enough servers to provide fast connection speeds. And some are located in countries that require them to keep detailed logs of your online activity in case legal authorities ever want to come snoop around.

NordVPN doesn’t do any of that, which is why it is perennially ranked among the best VPN services in the world. They use military grade AES-256 bit encryption to protect your data. They have over 5,000 servers in over 60 countries around the world, giving you blazing speeds and the ability to access geo-restricted content. And the company is based in Panama, where they are allowed to employ a strict no logging policy. That means NordVPN never tracks, collects, or shares your data. Period.

NordVPN supports all major platforms and operating systems, and you can secure up to six devices on one subscription, including phones, tablets, laptops, and even routers. That means you’ll always be fully protected wherever you are. And right now you can get all this for as little as $2.99 a month.

NordVPN 3-Year Plan

The standard monthly rate for NordVPN is $11.95, which isn’t a bad price at all, and is pretty much on par with other top VPN services. However, if you’re willing to make a long term commitment, the savings are unparalleled. The NordVPN 3-Year Plan takes a full 75 percent off the monthly price. That works out to just $2.99 per month, saving you $322.56 over the course of your subscription.

Worried about committing to three years? Well, the NordVPN 3-Year Plan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. And if that still doesn’t ease your mind, you can still save money with shorter-term options.

NordVPN 2-Year Plan

The NordVPN 2-Year Plan takes 66-percent off the standard monthly price and works out to $3.99 per month, saving you $191.04 over the course of your subscription. However, if two years isn’t right for you, the one-year plan is still a great deal.

NordVPN 1-Year Plan

The NordVPN 1-Year Plan does not save you as much money as the 2-year or 3-year options. However, it still gives you a 58-percent discount over the monthly rate. That comes out to $5.00 a month, for a savings of $83.40.

If you’re ready to start taking your online security and privacy seriously, you need to take advantage of these amazing deals of the best VPN service of 2019.