'Toy Story 4' Spoilers: Topher Grace Fan-Edit Reveals a Huge Plot Hole

What would Andy say if he found out about this?

At the end of Toy Story 3, Andy gave all his toys to Bonnie after seeing how much she loved playing with them. It felt like a happy ending for everyone, but when Toy Story 4 picks up, we learn that Woody isn’t getting very much attention from his new kid. What would Andy think?

It’s a small detail in a movie full of twists and turns, but when you look at the entire Toy Story saga, this one detail in Toy Story 4 actually becomes a bigger plot hole. So when Pixar released a 3-minute video that edits together the entire franchise into a touching tribute (created by Topher Grace’s new project, Lou’s Cafe), it revealed a pretty big discrepancy between the end of the original Toy Story trilogy and the new movie.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the ending of Toy Story 4.

Here are the exact words Andy said to Bonnie before somewhat reluctantly handing over Woody at the end of Toy Story 3:

“Now Woody, he’s brave like a cowboy should be. He’ll be there for you no matter what.”

Andy only felt comfortable giving away his favorite childhood toy because he thought Bonnie would cherish it. He was wrong. When Toy Story 4 starts, Woody is collecting dust in a closet while Jessie wears his badge. At the end of the movie, Woody decides to abandon his kid entirely, realizing that he’s not needed anymore and will have a better life as a “lost” toy with Bo Peep. Not exactly the happy ending promised in Toy Story 3.

Woody in Toy Story


After putting this all together thanks to Topher Grace’s Toy Story edit, commenters on YouTube didn’t hold back in cracking jokes about how Toy Story 4 betrayed the promise of Toy Story 3*’s ending.

To be fair, Bonnie is just a kid in the movie so you can’t really hold it against her. Also, the whole point of Toy Story is that the toys are forced to deal with abandonment as their kids grow up and move on (it’s a subtle metaphor for parenthood). So, thematically, Woody’s arc in Toy Story 4 makes sense.

Even so, that doesn’t make these jokes any less funny. For example, here’s YouTube user Jacob Tidwell commenting on this Toy Story 4 plot hole:

Andy: Bonnie, promise me you’ll take care of Woody.
Bonnie: Okay.
Also Bonnie: I’m not giving spoilers, but if you saw Toy Story 4, you know what I’m talking about.

Here’s another YouTuber, Uncle, making the same joke:

Andy: “Take care of Woody for me okay”
Bonnie: “No I don’t think I will”

GoodBoyChend imagines what might happen in Toy Story 5 now that Woody is gone and Bonnie seemingly doesn’t care:

Toy Story 5
Andy : Revisits Bonnie
Soo, where’s Woody?
Bonnie : Uhh

YouTube user Moist Dolphin turns the tables on Woody, pointing out that he didn’t exactly live up to Woody’s description of a reliable cowboy:

“He’ll be there for you no matter what.”
After Toy Story 4: Curb Your Enthusiasm* theme

SuperE4 Nintendo makes a similar joker:

“Woody will be there for you no matter what.”
Woody: leaves

And again, from Diego Ferreira:

Andy: This is Woody, and he’ll be there for you no matter what.
Bo Peep: I’m about to end this mans whole career.

Here’s YouTuber user Principal Nezu putting the blame back on Bonnie:

Andy: Gives Bonnie his 2 best toys
Bonnie: Loses 1 and doesn’t even notice it let alone it being the main toy she got and played with it for ages then completely forgets about him
Andy: . . .

Electric Ezo:

Imagine Andy’s reaction when he finds out Bonnie “lost” Woody.
“You had one job!”


Andy: So you promise to take care of Woody?
Bonnie: Well yes but actually no

Finally, here’s possibly my favorite joke/pitch for Toy Story 5 from YouTuber user Jules YT:

In the 5th installment: Bonnie just outgrows the toys and just starts playing Fortnite.

Toy Story 4 is in theaters now.