Indestructible Shoes, the Work Boots Disguised as Sneakers, Are Now 20% Off

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Few of us will ever achieve Jerry Seinfeld’s fantasy of wearing sneakers all the time no matter the occasion. If your social obligations prevent you from rocking sneakers 24/7, we can’t help you. But if the only thing holding you back from an all-sneaker, all-the-time lifestyle is the fact that your job requires you to wear something more durable and protective, we’ve got good news: Indestructible Shoes exist. And right now you can save 20 percent on this safe yet stylish footwear.

True to their name, Indestructible Shoes are, for all practical purposes, indestructible. They have all the components of an invincible, long-lasting work boot: steel toes, grips, shock absorption, insulation from electricity, and so on. And they’re crafted from durable, quality materials from heel to toe. However, while they may be built like work boots, they still look like sneakers. So they’re an ideal solution for anyone who needs a pair of shoes that look casual but can take some real punishment.

Despite their rugged construction, Indestructible Shoes don’t feel like work boots. Even with all their enhancements and durability, they tend to fit your feet more like a casual sneaker.

Listed below you’ll find just a few examples of the man shoe styles offered by Indestructible Shoes. So take a look for yourself, and use coupon code “SHOES20” at checkout to get 20-percent off your order.

Indestructible Shoes – Ryder Black

Black sneakers are classic, and can be worn for almost any occasion. And with the Ryder Black from Indestructible Shoes, you can add serious physical labor to the mix. The Ryder is the flagship product of the Indestructible Shoes line, and with good reason. They feature all-over moisture-wicking technology, no-tie lacing system, cushioned mid-soles, and an extremely lightweight construction that weighs in at less than a single pound. But for all that, the Ryder Black still has the durability you’d expect from a solid work boot.

Indestructible Shoes – Reef Green

For a splash of color, try the Reef Green colorway. Like other Indestructible Shoes, the Reef Green’s causal style masks an extremely durable and practical work boot underneath that modern sneaker exterior. Skid-proof, shock-proof, puncture-proof, and pretty much everything-else-proof, the Ryder comes in a cool green colorway that makes an impression.

Indestructible Shoes – Camouflage Green

Last but not least, we have the Camouflage Green. It has all the features we mentioned for the previously mentioned Indestructible Shoes, but the Camouflage Green has a cool camo-style that sets it apart.

For as long as people have been buying shoes, the choice between durability and style has been a trade off. But now, with Indestructible Shoes, you can truly have it all.

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