'Destiny 2' Recluse Quest, Perks, Steps: Season 6 Crucible Pinnacle Weapon

Along with the ideal strategies for completing each step.

With each new season in Destiny 2 comes a series of quests that allow players to acquire some of the most powerful weapons in the game, and one of the most challenging pinnacle weapon quests out there is for the Recluse, the Season 6 Crucible pinnacle weapon that might be even harder than the quest for the Mountaintop.

Season of Opulence began in early June, but for anybody who acquired the quest for the Recluse during Season 6 (aka, Season of the Drifter) it might still be sitting in your pursuits tab. Because the bounty references a triumph, it can get a little confusing trying to figure out exactly what you have to do to complete this task. The bounty just says to complete the “The Stuff of Myth” Crucible triumph, but if you don’t know where to find that in the triumph menu, it makes for a confusing starting point on this quest.

Save yourself the time by reading our handy guide to learn everything about the Recluse, including how to get it. (Sidenote: Only players who picked up the pursuit last season can complete the quest to claim the Recluse.)

The Recluse is one of three pinnacle weapons that were released when Season of the Drifter began.


The Recluse is the Season 6 Crucible pinnacle weapon given out by Lord Shaxx and it’s a lightweight submachine gun with Void ammo, so it takes the secondary energy weapon slot in your loadout. From a pure stats perspective, the Recluse outclasses even exotics like the Riskrunner thanks to excellent recoil direction and some of the highest overall stability for an SMG. It’s from the Veist weapons foundry, meaning that generally speaking it resembles other Veist SMGs like the Red Mamba or Radiant Stardust. It also comes with the Feeding Frenzy perk, so kills with the Recluse increase reload speed for a short time.

As is the case with all pinnacle weapons, the Recluse’s unique exotic-lite perk is what elevates this weapon to something spectacular. With “Master of Arms,” kills with any weapon improve damage for a short time, and that includes the Recluse. “My bite will turn your sweet flesh to vile rot,” its description reads. That sounds about right.

Over on the Destiny subreddit redditor u/Yourself013 called the Recluse an “amazing PvE weapon.” With Master of Arms activated, the Recluse has one of the fastest time-to-kill rates in the entire game.

Here's a Titan holding the Recluse.


Here’s every step in the quest for the Recluse:

Step 1
Acquire “From the Mouths of Babes” from Lord Shaxx during Season 6

Picking up this pursuit from Lord Shaxx is easy, but it’s become impossible to do now that Season of the Drifter has ended. If you want the Recluse and don’t have it yet, you hopefully already did this step.

Step 2
Complete Crucible Triumph “The Stuff of Myth”
In the Crucible, win matches and earn Glory rank “Fabled.” Competitive and Iron Banner matches grant the most efficient progress.
  • Win matches in the Crucible. (~100)
  • Reach Fabled rank. (2100)

The first part of “The Stuff of Myth” is a straightforward but pretty intense grind. You have to win about 100 Crucible matches, but it’s displayed as a percentage. Wins in Iron Banner and Competitive playlists count for more, with some players estimating that a regular win is worth 1 percent and an Iron Banner/Competitive match is worth 3 percent. Winning at all in these game modes, particular Competitive, will be much harder.

That being said, the best thing for players to do is to lean heavily into the Iron Banner grind whenever it’s active. When it’s not, their best option is to play Rumble and place in the top three, which counts as a win. Anyone can feasibly achieve this part of the quest, but the other part is a different story.

Reaching Fabled rank means that players have to acquire around 2100 Glory points in the Competitive playlist. That’s exactly how far players needed to get to acquire the infamous Luna’s Howl. Players have to optimize their loadouts, be good at the game, and probably team up with allies they can chat with during the match to give them an edge. Otherwise, winning this many Competitive matches will be near impossible.

(Shack News has a great breakdown of how Glory points work in the competitive playlist.)

Win streaks increase the amount of Glory earned in each match, and if someone were able to win 16 matches in a row, they’d earn Fabled. With a with a 50 percent win-loss ratio, it would take more than 450 games to reach Fabled. Here are some random tips to help:

  • Play three Competitive matches every week — When you do this, you gain a small bonus amount of Glory at the next weekly reset.
  • Never leave a match — Competitive can get frustrating, but leaving a match triggers a penalty where you lose Glory.
  • Take the time to optimize your loadout — Don’t be tempted to just go in with your highest light level gear because you need a high light level and a decent loadout to succeed. Invest time into building the perfect Crucible armor and weapon set and use that to your advantage.

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