These Sheets Feel Just as Soft After Like a Million Washings (Not Literally)

Tired of rough sheets? Try these.

Unsplash / Sylvie Tittel

For Christmas two years ago, my partner and I were gifted our first “luxury” sheet set. Every piece of the set started to promptly fall apart after only a week on our shared bed. I repaired and reinforced every seam I could find and we got another week out of them before they literally started to rip to shreds. Shortly thereafter, we felt it was reasonable to swear off luxury sheet options altogether and opted for a $40 set from Amazon.

What we learned from that sheet set was that while they weren’t ripping apart at the seams unpredictably the way the others had, they got scratchier as time went on and before long the cotton had pilled to the point of discomfort. In our not-too-long relationship, we’ve gone through more pairs of sheets than I ever could have imagined, but the privilege of adulthood and my own paycheck has been being able to pick things out that match my particular preferences.

In the case of bedding, I deeply prioritize softness. When I get into bed, I want to feel like I’m at a 5-star hotel and nothing less. We work hard. Our bed should be a haven uniquely matched to our preferences and after much trial and error and research, a solution has been found.

Meet Brooklyn Bedding’s Brushed Microfiber Sheets—a silky smooth and durable sheet set that only gets softer with every wash. Designed with people like me in mind, Brookyln Bedding offers an affordable pricepoint—$44!!!!!—to anyone who wants the feeling of luxury without having to overprotect their investment.

When you spend big on sheets, you want big results and many times, you’re let down. For $44, Boorklyn Bedding responds to all the concerns of what many might ordinarily pass off as “cheap sheets.” Designed to be luxurious and affordable, these Brushed Microfiber Sheets are made with finely woven fibers so that they always feel as plush—if not more—as the day you bought them while also promising unmatched durability. With specical moisture wicking materials, these sheets breathe as well as any cotton item would while also pulling any sweat away from your sleeping body.

And when it comes time to clean your sheets, it’s as easy as adding any load of clothes to your washing machine. Wash and dry as usual and when you rest on your sheets at night, you’ll be comforted by their 100 percent polyester construction which resists wrinkles and never pills, unlike many other cotton sheets.

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