5 'Apex Legends' Problems That Need to Be Patched by Season 2's Start Date

Jayfresh and the Respawn team are already fast at work.

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Respawn Entertainment’s hit battle royale video game Apex Legends remains saddled by an assortment of bugs and glitches, which is often the case with any live service video game as new issues emerge with each successive patch. Heading into Apex Legends Season 2 in early July, Respawn needs to address some specific issues before its core player base is alienated enough to they start deploying to a different battle royale game.

Respawn community manager Jay “Jayfresh” Frechette posted an ongoing list of these known issues to Reddit on June 14, which include the issues we’ve outlined here and others.

Respawn seems committed to transparency, utilizing Reddit as a means to interact directly with the community to discuss problems with the game and to receive feedback. Here are five of the larger issues currently plaguing Apex Legends, and details about when players can expect fixes in upcoming patches and updates to the game, hopefully starting with Season 2.

You'd be this happy too if your hitbox was this small.

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5. Pathfinder’s Hitbox

We discussed this particular issue previously, but the only non-human character in Apex Legends’ playable roster, Pathfinder, has an issue where his visual surface area does not match up with his hitbox, or the area that can be damaged by bullets and explosions.

This gives Pathfinder a slight advantage in combat that players aware of can capitalize on, but even at that, Pathfinder’s abilities leave something to be desired.

Lifeline healing an injured person in 'Apex Legends' art.

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4. Double Healing

In one of the more game-breaking but inconsistent running issues, players have noticed “Syringes and Shield Cells sometimes healing twice as much as intended.” Double the healing potency drastically increases a player’s survivability. Unlike other exploits, however, this one appears to happen much more randomly. And because it provides a random boon to the player, they’re that much less likely to report it.

“We have a fix for this that we’re planning to include in an upcoming server patch,” Jayfresh wrote in his June 14 Reddit post acknowledging this and other ongoing issues. As such, this particular issue could be resolved any day now, weeks before Season 2 officially starts.

Bloodhound throwing a knife.

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3. The Legendary Hunt Upset the Loot Table

In a June 16 post to Reddit, user RotomGuy took note of an apparent reversion to Apex Legends’ previously unbalanced loot table.

“A while back some alterations were made to the loot tables, being that Wingmen and Peacekeepers were made rarer, and Energy Weapons and ammo were made more common. Additionally, Lifeline’s care package was adjusted to not spawn gold items such as Level 4 Body Armour,” they wrote. “But in the Legendary Hunt patch, these adjustments appear to have been accidentally reverted. Wingmen are everywhere, Triple Takes appear once in a blue moon, and Lifelines are dropping golds again.”

The Legendary Hunt is an in-game event scheduled from June 4 to 18 that included special challenges, rewards, and a new player queue for the best combatants. It’s possible that these issues could end when the event does, but otherwise, Respawn might have to re-address the loot table.

The Mastiff Shotgun is one of the best weapons in the game, especially with a rapid-fire bug.

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2. Rapid-Fire Exploit Leaves You Triggered

There’s currently an auto-fire exploit available with several weapons that Respawn is aware of. Reddit user Gevorian highlights its usage with the Mastiff shotgun in mid-June Reddit post. At least on PC, players can press the button for “Inspect” and quickly alternate between the fire button to spam instant shotgun blasts. This reportedly works with a variety of weapons.

A hotfix on June 17 “should make the exploit happen much less often,” according to Jayfresh. The animation might still appear but damage output will be normalized. “The full fix requires a client patch that will come in the future,” he wrote. This error won’t be fully fixed until Season 2 or later.

The invisi-wheel is a scary problem that can mean the difference between life and death. (Source: Reddit: u/koelol)

Reddit: u/koelol

1. The Invisi-Wheel Will Kill You

One of the longest-running issues in Apex Legends is a glitch that causes the consumable wheel to appear blank mid-game, meaning that players can’t access the health kits or other essential consumables that might keep them alive. Jayfresh has claimed the Respawn team is “aware and investigating.”

“This one has been tricky to reproduce internally so for those of you that encounter it, please continue to report the issue and capture any video or screens if you can,” he wrote on Reddit. This means that the development team is having a hard time figuring out the root cause of this particular glitch.

Apex Legends Season 2 is scheduled to begin on July 2, 2019.

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