This Irish-Made Linen Shirt Is the Best Investment You'll Make All Summer

You'll want to wear it everyday 

Magee 1866

Linen is of the best materials to wear during the summer because of how breathable it is, and for how it can fight off heat. We all know what it’s like to spend ten minutes outside on a hot summer day and have your shirt soaking from sweat afterwards. It makes it impossible to be presentable in hot weather, and to go from the hot and humid outdoors to cool air conditioned buildings - a sure way to feel freezing, or at the very least, extremely uncomfortable.

So what makes linen so perfect for summer? Well, to start, it’s a lot more absorbent, which is just what you need during hot summer weather. It’s a cloth woven from flax and although it’s usually more expensive than cotton, it’s worth it because linen also lasts for a lot longer. It’s also more labor intensive, and much more durable. This means that it will last for a lot longer than average shirts.

One of our favorite options for linen shirts is Magee 1866’s Ivory Linen Kilberg Classic Fit Shirt. It’s made from 100% Irish linen, which is rare for shirts, as they are often a mix of linen and cotton.

This long sleeve shirt is perfect for outdoor events, for evening outings, or as a slightly more formal attire than your everyday shirt. This shirt costs $145.27, which might sound like a lot, but when you factor in the fact that it’s 100% linen, long sleeve, and how good the quality is, one of these is worth a few shirts that you’ll dread wearing because they simply cannot absorb heat and keep you cool in the same way this shirt can.