Stop Wasting Your Time Cleaning Every Day and Get a Robot Vacuum

You do enough, you don't need to vacuum too.

Unsplash / Kowon vn

Some of us might be technology resistant. Many of us might feel like we’re creating solutions for problems we didn’t even know existed before last week. And if you’re like me and owned one of the earliest robot vacuum models, you might be inherently distrusting of their place in your home. But we could all use a little reminder that many of the tasks that are easy for us can often seem impossible for a person for energy or other accessibility concerns.

If you grew up in a house where your mother did all the vacuuming, you may have moved out and found yourself rudely awakened at just how much it needs to be done. And if you don’t enjoy it, have a difficult layout to manuever through or just have a million other things that take precedence, a robot vacuum may very well be the solution to all your problems.

Everyone knows iRobot’s Roomba robot vacuum, but after owning one for years that literally only worked when it was in the mood to, it is the last robot vacuum I’d recommend to anyone. However the Roomba’s ubiquity is so profound that most robot vacuums—even those not made by iRobot—are often referred to as Roombas as if it is somehow the new word for robot vacuum. I’m even guilty of this.

So while I call my robot vacuum a Roomba, it is decidedly not. For almost a $100 less than most other models, eufy’s BOOSTIQ RoboVac 30C is robot vacuum I recommend to anyone considering a smart home upgrade for themselves.

So let’s start with what you get. For a couple hundred dollars, eufy includes the RoboVac, over 13 ft of boundary strips, a handheld remote control with batteries, the charging base, a special cleaning tool, an extra set of filters and 4 side brushes. Compared to other more expensive models, you already get more bang for your buck, just based off of all the included accessories.

After you unpack your new RoboVac, all you have to do is find a convenient spot to hide the charging dock—this will be your RoboVac’s resting place when it is not busting dust bunnies. Then you can set some of the adhesive boundary strips to places you don’t want your new RoboVac to go. BoostIQ™ Technology automatically increases the suction power of your RoboVac if it senses it’s leaving anything behind so that you come home to the best clean every time. The included companion app allows you to schedule your vacuum to clean over night, while you’re at work or at any time that is most convenient for you. With WiFi connectivity and smart home compatibility, you can even use your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to voice control your RoboVac on demand.

Unlike many conventional vacuums and competing robot vacuums, eufy’s model boasts a quieter clean function than what you have come to associate with vacuuming. Your new eufy RoboVac is specically designed to give you over 100 minutes of quiet clean no louder than your microwave. So if you have paper thin walls, a precariously sleeping baby or a pet that cowers in fear from louder vacuums, the eufy RoboVac is the premiere option for you.