Hi, We Found the Slickest Scooter on the Market

And a scooter -- unlike a car, bike, or Vespa -- can go anywhere

Unsplash / Job Savelsberg

How much do you spend on Lyft, Bird, cabs, and public transportation? Add it up. It’s probably a significant part of your budget. Not enough to warrant buying a car, sure. Cars — even a Vespa — are not only expensive but they require you to pay for parking and storage. And the carbon footprint is embarrassing!

But what about a slick, motorized scooter than can take you anywhere you want to go and folds up to go with you into the library and stores easily in a closet?

The Unagi Model One

The Unagi Model One

Unagi Scooters

This is one slick scooter. Everything about it is built for a quality ride. From the deck to the minimal, magnesium alloy handlebar — where all the breaking and data live — to the one-click folding mechanism. It’s not disposable the way that Bird scooter you rode is. This will take you to your destinations for years.

The deck is perfection. Built from a single piece of machined aluminum with silicon embedded to give you purchase, it’s solid. Much of the rest of the body is built from magnesium, which makes the entire scooter ultra light.

One-click folding makes it easy to carry

Unagi Scooters

As you journey through your environment, you encounter a flight of stairs, a store you want to go into, or a friend you want to visit with. This happens when you are walking, too. (Though never when you are in a car.)

Just push the fold button, collapse the handle and pick it up. Bring it with you to the bar. Carry it down the stairs. Set it down next to you in the library. This is a form of transportation that has no parking, locking, or storage issues. And it weighs less than 25 pounds.

Fold the Unagi Model One and Carry It with You

Unagi Scooters

There are two models. One with dual engines for more speed and environments with hills. And one with a single motor for flatter environs.

The Model One Single Motor

The single motor is the model to get if you live somewhere relatively flat. It can handle hills below 15 degrees. And it will take you where you are going at up to 15 miles per hour. It’s slightly lighter than the dual-motor version.

Live in San Francisco? Denver? Or maybe there are tons of hills on your campus or between you and your destination? Go with the duel motor. It has more power and additional torque to get you up those steeper hills.

They both come in four colors, look amazing, and — if you do the math — will probably save you money — and the planet — in the long run.