Meet the Coffee Company Bringing You Flavors From Around the World

Atlas Coffee Club is curating great coffee from every corner

Atlas Coffee Club

We’ll admit that we’re pretty fatigued by the endless list of subscriptions services. It’s not that they don’t serve a purpose but it’s more that there are so many and sometimes it’s hard to tell one from the other. Atlas Coffee Club took the idea of coffee subscription model (which we like) and took it to the next level by curating coffee from around the world.

For anywhere from $9 to $28 dollars a month you can get delivered to your door a bag(s) of coffee from a different corner of the world. This is the subscription model for those coffee lovers who are tired of the same old store bought brand.

According to the website there are over 50 countries that produce coffee and Atlas Coffee Club is trying to bring them all to their customers. Places such as Brazil, Ethiopia, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia and Indonesia are all previously curated coffee. For our first box we got Malawi.

Each package comes with the coffee (sizes vary on the price point you’re willing to pay) a postcard from that country and tasting notes for each batch.

Malawi, for instance, started brewing coffee in 1878 ,but it wasn’t until 1950 that they started distributing seeds to farmers for mass production. A few other interest facts they included:

  • 25% of Mzuzu farmers are women.
  • They’ve prioritized sustainability as well by achieving Fair Trade Certification and crop diversification.

As for the taste we really enjoyed this coffee. The postcard notes that it has notes of tropical fruit and we could certainly taste that in the coffee. It wasn’t overpowering but there was a hint of a dessert coffee for us. The dark roast was strong and we used a french press as recommended as well.

We think this is a really cool idea. We certainly can’t image there’s enough coffee in your box to make this your go-to source of coffee but it’s a great addition to your regular supply and something that allows you to experience all the different flavors from all over the world.