3 Items You Absolutely Need in Your Bedroom Right Now

Turn your bedroom into a picture-perfect representation of you.

Unsplash / Yasmine Boheas

If you were lucky, your parents designed some kind of bedroom aesthetic for you growing up. It might have been what you wanted, but chances are it probably wasn’t. Then you went off to college or to other corners of the world where you only took up temporary residence. Then maybe you were caught living between 2 homes when you decided your home didn’t feel like yours anymore without your partner in it. But before you knew it, your bedroom wasn’t much more than a bed and if you’re like me, you’ve grown the envy the artfully curated bedrooms of Instagram and have elected to make some kind of change.

It doesn’t have to be a huge change. You don’t need to go into credit card debt to breathe new life into your bedroom. The introduction of simple, but eye-catching pieces can take your bedroom from the place you sleep to a space the actually represents you. So if you’re wondering what you can do to nest in your personal paradise, these 3 additions will bring you comfort you may have otherwise been without.

Cover Your Bare Floor With This-One-of-a-Kind Area Rug

Why We Picked It: This one-of-a-kind rug will add much needed charm to any space it’s placed. Handmade and restored in Turkey with 100% handspun wool, Revival Rugs promises to deliver expertly crafted rugs that’ll last you for generations. Some rugs may include character wear and minor imperfections, but it will just give your bedroom a more lived-in feel that a more sterile rug wouldn’t provide.

Set The Ambiance of Relaxation With A Diffuser

Why We Picked It: If you want to turn your bedroom into your personal paradise, all you have to do is take a page from the book of beloved spas and hotels all over the world. People have been diffusing essential oils into their rooms forever and with the simple addition of these beautiful, ceramic finished diffuser, you too can feel as relaxed as a celebrity. No heat or burning is used in the process so your walls and surrounding surfaces will be protected from damage and the automatic shut off feature allows you to forget about it and still come home to newfound relaxation.

Frame Your Most Beloved Memories

Why We Picked It: It’s easy to get caught up in Instagram and Facebook and other digital photo sharing services and forget to print your favorite photos, but your bedroom will never really represent you if you’re not in it. Frame your favorite memory with this Navajo-inspired natural coral stone and nickel frame. It will develop a natural patina over time that only adds to your bedroom’s character and charm. Add it to your bedside table for a curated approach that still feels like you.