Stay Cool While Camping: This Invention Upgrades Your Outdoor Experience

You can sleep comfortably in your tent, even in the heat of summer

Unsplash / KAL VISUALS

Ah, camping. In your imagination, you’re sitting outside gazing up at a crushing view of stars, normally obliterated by the lights of the city. There are no screens to waste hours of your evening. Just you and nature. You will fall asleep to the sounds of nature, wake with the sun.

Then you get there and it’s so hot when you’re trying to sleep that you lie there sweating into the nylon and down bag that is exactly the wrong thing to keep you cool on a summer night in the wild. You curse your imagination and long for crisp, cotton sheets, a shower, and some air conditioning.

What went wrong?

Zero Breeze Air Conditioner

Did you pack your air conditioner? Because that’s the difference between the way you imagined camping would be and the way it actually is.

Air conditioning in your tent. Yes, this is a thing you can have.

This fabulous invention is battery operated and so portable you can store it in your car if that’s how you roll. You can pick it up with one hand and carry it easily to your tent. (Probably not if you are backpacking but you get the idea.)

It’s also a thing you can have in your car, if you want to leave the dog in there; in your truck if you need to sleep there; in your cabin in the woods, or anywhere else your want to sleep without suffering.

This is the modern, creature comfort you can take with you.