Use Your Genetics to Create Your Perfect Diet Plan

From the food you eat to the workouts you do, your'e truly one-of-a-kind.


The Details:

  • Get a complete genetic profile
  • Understand what kinds of exercise your body responds best to
  • Learn why certain food behaviors stand in the way of fitness goals
  • Make better daily choices based on your genetic makeup

Why You Want It:

You’re one of a kind! So why are you following the same diet and fitness routines everyone else on Instagram is doing? By learning more about your genetic makeup with the MiaDNA Diet & Nutrition Kit, you can hone in on exactly what foods and exercises your body will respond best to in order to reach your ultimate fitness goals. You’ll also get the insight you need to make better choices in your daily life, getting closer to the healthiest, happiest you possible. And with summer just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to “do you”.

The Deal:

For a limited time, you can snag the MiaDNA Diet & Nutrition Kit for 20% at just $149 bucks! 

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