These Condoms Are Custom-Designed to Fit You Perfectly. Yes, That's Extra. Yes, We Love It.

Don't sacrifice safety for enjoyment with these condoms.

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Don’t giggle, condoms are important! Of all the birth control methods you can purchase, condoms are the ones that are most accessible. And in many cases, they’re also the cheapest option. While we all know that safe sex is critical for a healthy sex life, many men struggle to find condoms that fit properly. And when a condom is uncomfortable that means that some men either opt not to use them or they experience condom malfunctions while they’re trying to get busy. But what if fit issues could be a thing of the past?

Condoms that don't fit are frustrating

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Common fit problems

Before we highlight the solution, let’s talk about the issue at length—no pun intended. Yes, in general condoms are meant to fit any man unless you are that well endowed. But like clothes, just because a product has been mass produced to fit the majority of men doesn’t mean it fits like a glove. In fact, only 12 percent of men will fit off the shelf condoms perfectly. Just like clothes, a condom could technically be your size but not take into account your length, curve or girth. All of these measurements are common areas where an ill-fitting condom can detract from the main event. Condoms that don’t fit properly can present a host of problems, with these complaints occurring most frequently:

  1. When a condom is too tight, it can cut off essential circulation and reduce sensation.
  2. Condoms that are too loose can slip off in the middle of sex.
  3. A condom that’s too long can bunch up, be pulled off during sex or roll up the base of the penis, creating a tourniquet effect and loss of sensation.
  4. A condom that’s too short doesn’t fully cover the penis and can reduce effectiveness.
  5. Uncircumcised men often complain of “foreskin drag” where the condom gets caught in the foreskin and is dragged up the shaft during sex. This leads to reduced effectiveness and discomfort.

myONE perfect fit condoms


The myONE difference

So, now you know the common issues with traditional mass-produced condoms. But what can be done to correct it? Just like if you struggle to find the proper fit with “off the rack” clothing you would have clothing tailored or custom made, you can, in fact, get custom made condoms. myONE is a custom condom brand that crafts condoms in 60 sizes including ranges smaller and larger than most mass-produced condoms. While the average condom only perfectly fits 12 percent of the population, a myONE condom fits 80% with an additional 10% noticing an improved fit over standard condoms.

Okay so fit is important, but why should you trust myONE over standard condoms?

Condoms are officially classified as medical devices. And that means that you can’t just start producing and selling condoms to the public without first being approved by the FDA. So, a myONE condom is FDA approved to be just as effective as condoms you’ll find on a pharmacy shelf—just with a better fit.

Up until a few years ago, U.S. condom guidelines didn’t require an increased size range. But myONE worked with the FDA and ASTM International—a global standards development organization—to advocate for expanded size ranges in the U.S. And in 2015, this dream became a reality and myONE began selling a larger variety of condoms that accommodates nine widths, 10 lengths, and 60 sizes.

So how do you get your hands on these myONE condoms?

myONE is sold exclusively online but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to find your fit. The easiest option is to go to their site and download their FitKit to help determine your size. But if you have access to a tape measure, you can take precise measurements, enter the information on their site and be matched with the correlating size code. And if you don’t want to do either of those things, just answer a few questions on their site about previous condoms you’ve used to be matched with the best fit.

More importantly, no matter your size, no one will know that you’re ordering condoms. All myONE condom shipments are sent in discreet packaging and sizing is coded so even the individually wrapped condoms won’t reveal your size. Now go forth and have fun safely!