5 Home Security Upgrades You Can Make Now

Get Safe and Smart

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Home security has always been important, but it hasn’t always been easy or affordable. If owning a home security system sounds too costly, complex, and ‘adult’, fear not: we’ve compiled a list of some of Amazon’s bestsellers all which retail under $200. Since most of them are app controlled and sync to Wifi, there is no installation hassle. No more excuses: it’s time to get safe. Read below to find your first home security kit!

Protect your entire home with this stealthy and cost-effective option. Armed with a motion detector and instant alarms, this battery-powered camera has all the bases covered when watching your home. It runs on Lithium AA batteries for a lifespan of two years, and even collects it’s input data (what it records around your home) and stores it in the Cloud. It comes with an Indoor and Outdoor option, making it an easy and versatile choice.

At approximately $29.5 per camera, this 4 camera set can’t be beaten. Especially when you factor in all of the Y1 4pc’s cool features, like advanced automatic night vision, two-way audio, and constant streaming and storage on its app. Each camera sends an Activity Alert when it picks up either motion or sound, making it ideal as a baby monitor and security system. Plus, the entire set comes with a 1-year warranty. Just add to cart.

With an average of 4 stars from over 30,000 reviews, Ring has been the market favorite for some time now. An Alexa and Echo compatible device, it can synch to them and send notifications when someone is at your door all throughout your home. An alert is sent as soon as any motion is detected, either day or night thanks to its infrared night vision. With live updates streaming through its video capabilities, it even comes with a Lifetime Theft guarantee so you never go unarmed.

Known for its ultra HD 2K / 3MP (2304x1296P at 20fps | 1080P at 30fps) video, the Amcrest 2K is also extremely flexible, boasting 90-degree turn capabilities as well as digital zoom. The Amcrest lets you review home security footage, backs up data to its proprietary Cloud, and delivers alerts when its motion sensors are triggered. It also permits two-way audio and communication to keep you extra safe.

These cameras are designed for anything. Manufactured for the great outdoors, the AMICCOM Cameras are designed for durability and are weather-resistant. It doesn’t compromise on the high-tech features; with HD images in high-resolution images in 1080p resolution, two-way audio capabilities, smart motion detections, and corresponding alerts, you truly get the best of both worlds.

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