'Fortnite' Wind Turbine Locations Map: How to Visit All 5 in a Single Match

You need a driftboard or a baller to make this work.

The new wind turbines added at the start of Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 9 have finally become important in a new Week 5 challenge unlocked Thursday morning. Players have to visit all five of them in a single match, which sounds a lot harder than it actually is.

All seven of the possible wind turbines in Fortnite surround Pleasant Park, so they’re at least close together. Players have to visit the observation platform near the wind turbine blades at the top. (Walking by the bottom doesn’t count.) Reaching these high-up destinations is the real challenge, but there are two ziplines leading directly to each platform. Even then, the base of each turbine is located on a mountain ledge.

Players need a way to be mobile and quickly, so they have to either find a baller or a driftboard to make this work. Don’t be tempted to waste your time with a quadcrasher.

Here are all seven of the possible wind turbines for this challenge.

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Ballers can spawn on the top of each wind turbine, so the ideal situation would be for you to land directly on one from the battle bus, ride the baller over to the ziplines connected to the closest wind turbine, ride the zipline back to claim the baller, and then do that all over again until the challenge is complete. Driftboards also work. You can find a bunch of those at the top of the mountain with the southeastern-most wind turbine on it.

(Pro tip: If you’re wearing the Vox outfit, you can also claim a Fortbyte at the top of this mountain near the elevation sign)

From this vantage point near Neo Tilted, you can see all seven wind turbines. How majestic!

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The single best place to land for this wind turbine challenge, however, is at the expedition outpost next to the northeastern-most wind turbine just southwest of the Block. Not only can a baller spawn on the wind turbine there, but the expedition outpost has five other spawns.

If you get caught in a pinch, is a great resource for locating other vehicle spawns. Using the “Spawns” submenu, you can easily find the spawn locations of any vehicle on the map. If you don’t luck out finding a driftboard or baller, there are other places in the vicinity that might work.

Fortnite Season 9 isn’t slated to end until July 23, so any players having trouble with this challenge still have about six weeks to do this challenge.

Fortnite Week 6 should begin Thursday, June 13 at 9 a.m. Eastern.

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