Chill the Eff Out This Summer With These Delicious Vegan CBD Gummies

Calm down! Eat a gummy bear!

Unsplash / Jonathan J. Castellon

How’s this sound: Eat a gummy bear before lunch. Watch the stress that normally sits on your shoulder, making you grouchy and tense, shrug, give up, and take a long nap. Sounds like the proverbial chill pill, right?

That’s what we have here. Gummy bears with CBD in them. But don’t worry. This is safe for work. You won’t get high.

Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds created in the cannabis plant. Only one of them—the famous one (THC) that turned your high school mate into a spacey, relaxed, moron who got so lost in a discussion of aliens that he forgot to go to class and got suspended — is psychoactive. The rest of them—and there are over a hundred—don’t get you high but they do other things—relax you, reduce inflammation, help you sleep—by binding to receptors in your endocannabinoid system.

Not Pot Vegan CBD Gummies

Not Pot Vegan CBD Gummies

Not Pot

The CBD in these gummies are engineered to help reduce inflammation and anxiety and to promote healing to your nervous system.

All you have to do is eat a candy. And the CBD in it will bind to the receptors in your endocannabinoid system, which governs how your body responds to your environment, and slowly heal your bad mood. That system governs a wide range of processes including memory, mood, pain response, immune function, and sleep.

If you have any problems with sleep, pain, bad mood, or anxiety it is worth trying a gentle CBD supplement to see if can help. Since it has very little THC in it, it’s legal in every state in the US.

This one is tasty and carefully prepared by scientists and doctors. And the people who make it have a very cool mission. This is a great way to some CBD into you and feel good about it, too.

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