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The New Bonavita Kettle Is the Absolute T 

(yes, pun intended)


If you want the quick version, then just know, Tl;Dr: This electric kettle is absolutely outstanding. It boils quickly, it’s aesthetically gorgeous, it’s exact-temperature… I mean, I could go on, and I will.

Here’s the long version: I’m an avid tea drinker, but I’m also extremely busy, so precisely how quickly I can get a cup boiled and ready is a big deal for me when I’m getting my family out the door in the morning. This is by far the fastest kettle I have ever owned. For one cup of tea, it takes less than a minute for the water to boil. Not only that, but it holds the temperature of the water for an hour, so if I don’t pour the water right away, I don’t have to re-boil the water to get my tea ready. This has proven especially useful with multiple tea drinkers in the house in the morning.

The other aspect of this is that I’m also something of a tea nerd. I have multiple different teas that I drink depending on the time of day and what I’m feeling like. The different types of tea are best with different temperatures because you don’t want to scald a green tea with too-hot water or it gets bitter and gross (and affects their catechin content, if you wanna get nerdy about it). For example, white tea requires a temperature of160, green tea requires 180 degrees, while black tea requires 220 degrees. With this kettle, I can pre-set temperatures for all my favorite teas, and there’s a little digital reader which shows you the real-time temperature of the water increasing as it boils and shows you the reading well after it boils as well.

The other thing is, I’ve previously purchased large kettles which sometimes required two hands to pour. I’m not sure if it is the material or the design, but this particular kettle is extremely light to lift, and the design of the handle is such that I don’t feel any of the heat from the kettle on my hand. This would make a great gift for anyone older or anyone who has issues with their wrists like arthritis or carpal tunnel.

Another feature, which is unlike any other kettle I’ve owned, is that there is no annoying beeping or whistling after the water has reached the desired temperature. With babies sleeping, there is nothing worse than having them wake up just because you want to finally relax with a cup of tea.

And finally, there’s the really beautiful design. The Bonavita is sleek and gives me back room on my counter top, which is ideal for smaller kitchens. I love that the spout is like an old-fashioned tea kettle, which looks charming, and also makes the pouring very precise, eliminating splashing and burning myself, which has happened with other kettles. And while I’m a tea drinker, my husband is a coffee drinker, and this spout is perfect for pour-over coffee. It allows for a gentle pour which doesn’t displace the coffee. The only downside to this spout is if you are trying to fill up a hot water bag or a pot to boil water, it does take a longer time to pour out.