The Three Items You Need to Upgrade Your Kitchen Right Now

Take your kitchen from pretty good to awesome with three small additions

Unsplash / Oleksandr Kurchev

Your kitchen is pretty awesome. It’s the center of your house and you manage to produce some amazing meals in there. But it could be better.

You don’t need to do any remodeling but there are a few things that get in the way of getting dinner on the table. And there are a few items that can help with that.

You just don’t know about them yet!

Well we are here to introduce you to the three items you need to take your kitchen up a notch.

Deluxe Meat Thawing Board

You whole dinner plan hinged on taking the meat out of the freezer before you left the house this morning. Except you didn’t.

You could soak it in hot water or zap it in the microwave but both of those strategies will alter the result.

That’s why you need the Deluxe Meat Thawing Board. It doesn’t need power or batteries. It uses an internal thermal liquid reservoir that somehow magically generates just the right amount of energy to draw away the cold out of your meat. It will defrost that steak in 10 minutes.

Also it’s gorgeous. So you really just have to have it.

E5 - Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener

What do you do when a knife gets dull? Move on to another knife? How about if all your knives were always sharp? That would be a much better kitchen, right? No frustration, no hacked up vegetables. Everything sliver thin and perfect.

Stop telling yourself that you are going to take all the knives to some dude who will sharpen them for you. You need an excellent knife sharpener in your kitchen. This one works the same way that knife sharpening dude does, except it sits there waiting for you to push a button and slide your knife in — between cuts, if that’s how you roll!

It works with any knife — even your fancy, delicate, expensive ones — and it will take them from dull to sharp or just put an edge on a nearly sharp knife. Just push the appropriate button.

This is must have.

Wireless Meat Thermometer

Wireless Meat Thermometer


Cooking meat to the perfect level of done seems super complicated and difficult. The meat is expensive. You don’t want it to be overcooked. And it’s mysterious. Is that too raw? Is it perfect? A few more minutes?

The solution is sort of obvious: A good meat thermometer. This one, though, will let you check the doneness of your steak (or chicken or whatever) without burning your eyebrows off peering into the grill, oven, or over a hot stove. Just look at your phone.

In fact, it will walk you through cooking that piece of meat perfectly and will let you know when it’s time to turn or pull that meat off the flame.