4 Must-Have Cameras for Capturing All Your Summer Vacation Memories

Take a picture--it'll last longer.

Unsplash / Alfonso Reyes

If you’re lucky enough to travel this summer, you may want to capture the memories you’re making on a better camera than your usual smartphone lens. If you’re like me, you might find yourself thinking, I really want to enjoy this moment and I don’t want to wrestle with my camera to capture it. But then you get back from your trip and your loving family and friends want to hear all about it and you don’t have any photos outside of the airport. A year will pass and maybe you’ll be asked by a friend about the trip you went on and the great things you did, but you won’t have any evidence to support your claims.

To that, I remind you to swallow your pride a little bit and take a few pictures. A year will pass and then more time will pass and you’ll find yourself trying to imagine the space you once took up. Memories fade but photos are forever and the best gift you can give your future self is snapshots of those pleasant memories.

Below you’ll find some of the best cameras for the job.

For The Person Who Doesn’t Want To Lug Around A Bigger Camera

Why We Picked It: If you don’t want a big camera, but you want something that captures better photos than your smartphone without the extra bulk, the Osmo Pocket is a perfect option. You have the option to connect to your smartphone or use it on its own, and the remarkable 3-axis stabilized gimbal, smart senors and ultra fast aperture will provide the best photos for you without you having to slow down much at all. Perfect for those of us that don’t want to spend time trying to get the shot, the Osmo Pocket essentially works as a second pair of eyes.

For The Person Who Wants Photos But Doesn’t Want To Take Them

Why We Picked It: Memories kind of make themselves but the photos that follow usually have to be taken with intention. Not so much with the OMICAM—a waterproof wearable VR camera that records ultra HD footage without all the extra fumbling. Weighing in at under 3 ounces with up to 15 hours of battery power, all you have to do is make your memories and OMICAM will capture them for you.

For The Person Who Just Wants to Point and Shoot

Why We Picked It: If you’re looking for a more traditional camera option, you need not look any further than the Nikon COOLPIX P900. Long lauded as one of the best point and shoot digital cameras available, this camera will take stunning photos and video without you needing to enroll in photography school. Simply point and shoot, built in WiFi allows you to easily upload to your computer, iPad and more.

For The Person Looking For A Classic Digital Camera At An Affordable Price Point

Why We Picked It: If you’re someone who doesn’t fair well with new tech or you’d just rather purchase a kit that has everything you need and nothing more, this Canon bundle is an excellent affordable option. Rated 4.5 stars by over 412 reviewers, Canon has long been one of the frontrunners in camera technology. Included in this bundle is the camera, a 32GB SD card, memory card wallet, table tripod, case and screen protector.

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