Show the Dentist What's What With This Water Flosser for $30

Save $20 Off A Crucial Piece Of Oral Hygiene


The Details:

  • Give your mouth a more effective clean with a water flosser
  • Promote healthier mouth and gums in just 14 days
  • Features 10 water pressure levels
  • Auto timer and beep alert help you know how long to floss
  • Intuitive handle and nozzle for comfortable use

Why You Want It:

Think about your worst trip ever to the dentist? That’s why you want the Belmint Electric Water Flosser Oral Irrigator. To avoid ever experiencing that terror again. Traditional flossing is good and all but it’s tricky to get right and you can often leave behind just as much as you get out. Water flossers provide a gentler, easier clean allowing you to get into those tough to reach spots without risking hurting your gums or skirting by sensitive areas. It even comes with a tongue scraper to keep your mouth feeling ultra fresh.

The Deal:

Electric toothbrushes and flossers don’t come cheap. That is, until today. Typically $60, you can score this water flosser for 38% off at just $31.50 when you enter code WEEKEND15 the Inverse Shop now.