4 Awesome Shirts Made From The Original, All-Natural Sweat-Wicking Material

It's TEN TIMES better than cotton 


Summer is here, and with it, ridiculous heat, which of course leads to sweating profusely after 10 minutes of being outside. And then freezing in air-conditioned rooms because of your sweaty clothes. Linen is pretty much the perfect solution to this problem: It’s a fabric woven from flax. It’s a lot more labor intensive to make than materials like cotton, it’s a lot lighter, more durable, and best of all, absorbent. This makes linen perfect for humid weather. Even though linen costs quite a bit more than cotton, you’ll find the price is worth it, for how good it feels to wear it, and how long it lasts. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite linen shirts for summer, both long sleeve and short.

1. Banks Journal Business and Pleasure Co. Linen SS Shirt

Why We Picked It: The perfect option for summer, this denim colored linen shirt will keep you cool during hot sweaty summer days. It’s lightweight and breathable, perfect for long days at the beach, spending time outdoors, or simply as a casual everyday shirt.

2. Deus Ex Machina Dean Linen LS Shirt

Why We Picked It: This shirt is 100% linen, which is unusual, as most are a blend of linen and cotton. It’s made by an Australian motorcycle brand, so you can be sure it was made with never ending hot summer days in mind. For the quality, this shirt is truly a great price. Plus, you’ll get free shipping on this one.

3. Wellen Cotton-Linen Short Sleeve Shirt

Why We Picked It: This is a great short sleeve shirt that feels light and airy and won’t stick to your body with sweat like cotton shirts do. It’s made from 55% linen, and 45% organic cotton and comes in two different patterns - the one featured above, and another with horizontal blue lines.

4. Portuguese Flannel Linen

Why We Picked It: This stylish yet simple — and versatile — long-sleeve shirt is perfect for keeping you cool on hot summer evenings, or on occasions where you might not want to wear short sleeves. These shirts are made in northern Portugal using traditionally made fabrics. According to Portuguese Flannel’s website, this shirt is made from 100% linen.