These Ultra-Stylish Kinetic Dress Pants Use Body Heat to Stay Wrinkle Free

They're made from high-tech fabrics that are scientifically wrinkle free.

Ministry Of Supply

In 2019, business casual is out, while smart casual is in. While the style isn’t strictly defined, it tends to be less stuffy than business casual, but still comprised of snappy, well-fitting, wrinkle-free clothes that appear neat and pressed. In other words, smart casual clothing makes you look approachable and put together without seeming like you put in a ton of effort. However, consistently having to visit the dry cleaners to pull off the smart causal look does take a lot of effort, and it’s extremely expensive. Luckily, Ministry of Supply’s Kinetic Collection features scientifically wrinkle free pants that will make trips to the dry cleaners a thing of the past.

Ministry of Supply’s goal is to eliminate stiff, high-maintenance dress clothes by engineering high-performance, comfortable, wrinkle-free apparel. Born at MIT, the brand takes a scientific approach to design by researching the body’s needs. In doing so, Ministry of Supply has invented comfortable apparel that is sweat proof, high stretch, and wrinkle free.

Kinetic Dress Pants - Scientifically Wrinkle Free

Ministry of Supply’s Kinetic Dress Pants are specially designed using Japanese Primeflex polyester. This warp-knit fabric has the feel and structure of a woven material, but the breathability and stretch of a knit material. As a result, their Kinetic Dress Pants use your body heat to release and relax wrinkles within fifteen minutes, all without the need for ironing or dry cleaning.

High-Tech Design

Ministry of Supply has re-invented sharp, classic styles using materials that synchronize with the human body. That’s why their Kinetic Dress Pants fit as though they were designed for exactly your shape. By using high-tech fabrics such as Japanese Primeflex polyester, their clothes provide the comfort and wearability of athletic-wear in the style of business-appropriate attire.

Sustainable Style

Did you know 14.3 million pounds of clothing get thrown away each year in the US alone? That’s why Ministry of Supply is helping to reduce that number by creating durable garments that will have a longer lifespan both physically and aesthetically. They are also commited to responsible manufacturing that keep their environmental footprint as small as possible. By using techniques such as 3D Print-Knit, Ministry of Supply is able to reduce cutting scrap waste by over 30 percent.

So if you’re in the market for smart causal clothing with a stylish, high-tech, sustainable design, Ministry of Supply’s Kinetic Dress Pants should be at the top of your list.