The 5 Top Rated iPhone Tripods on Amazon

Make the most out of your smart phone


When your walking around with essentially a professional camera in your pocket, it’s a waste not to use it to it’s fully capacity. A tripod designed for your smart phone can help you get the most out of the camera on your phone, and possibly even upgrade your selfies. You can use them at a family gathering, to take interesting shots outdoors — summer is finally here — or even as a way to finally get back into photography without investing thousands of dollars on expensive equipment. You’ll find a list of the highest rated tripods for iPhones on Amazon. These range from $13 - $20 and all of them come with a Bluetooth remote, which opens up a whole new world of photo taking possibilities on your phone. For such a small investment, it’s a must have for anyone who owns an iPhone and enjoys taking photos.

1. WIYFA Phone Tripod

The best thing about this tripod is that it can clip onto unusual objects in your surroundings. Because it’s adjustable, you can clip it to a pole, your bike, or another non traditional place to shoot photos from.

2. MZTDYTL Selfie Stick Tripod

This tripod has multiple features, and can also turn into a selfie stick. You can also rotate your it 360 degrees in order to take the best shots. This is also one of the cheaper options.

3. ESTIQ Selfie Stick Tripod

This tripod and selfie stick is extremely compact and can fit in your pocket. Its nonslip handle is comfortable to grip, and the wireless remote makes it easy to take photos from any angle.

4. Candywe Cell Phone Tripod Flexible Tripod

A super flexible option, you can attach this tripod anywhere outdoors, use it as a traditional tripod, or hold it as a selfie stick. The options are endless. It also comes with a carry pouch for when you’re on the go.

5. AFAITH Selfie Stick Bluetooth

This is another iPhone tripod that can also be used as a selfie stick. It also comes with the capability to charge the remote, which can be a much more convenient and cost efficient option over the battery operated remotes — making up for the price difference between some of the other tripods.