This Mattress Lets You Try It Out for Year

How else will you know if you like it in all the seasons and after it breaks in?

Unsplash / Alexander Possingham

Buying a new mattress is sort of a nightmare, right? You go into a store where you are subjected to an aggressive hard sell from someone who has studied the art of making you feel inept at sleeping and irritatingly penurious. He will say things like, “You spend half your life in bed!” He says while insisting that spending $2,000 is normal. If you bite, you have to deal with an enormous delivery hassle.

Because of all of that, the Internet has transformed the way people buy mattresses. Turns out those expensive memory foam mattresses squish down to something very easy to deliver. All the rest of that hard sell was exactly what it seemed like: An enormous con.

So now you have a huge number of choices for where to buy a reasonably priced memory foam mattress and have it delivered in a package that’s a size you — and your UPS delivery person — can easily carry up the stairs.

So which one do you get? They all sound amazing. And, since you buy them online, most offer at-home trial periods.

The Nectar, though, let’s you try it for a whole year. And that means, you can try it in the summer, fall, spring, and winter. With the heat on. With the air conditioning on. When you aren’t feeling well. When you are feeling fat. When you aren’t. When you’re dog is feeling fat. And, most important of all, after if breaks in a little.

So. This one, then. No one else lets you do that.