The Price of These Ultra High-End Headphones Just Dropped Nearly $300 

HIFIMAN's HE400i Planar Magnetic Headphones are on sale for nearly 65% below retail, which is a ridiculously good deal.


There’s a reason high-end headphones are expensive. Crystal clear sound with minimal distortion requires state-of-the-art engineering and premium components. And those things cost money. When you stumble across a really good deal from one of the most reputable brands in the business, you’d be wise take advantage. And the deal you’re about to get during this HiFiMAN HE400i planar magnetic headphones sale will save you nearly $300 off the normal retail price of $449.

HIFIMAN HE400i Headphones Sale - Nearly 65% Off

What are planar magnetic headphones? In short, they’re high-end headphones that use a different kind of driver to produce higher quality sound.

Drivers are the mechanisms inside speakers that convert electrical signals into sound. They all work by vibrating some sort of diaphragm. With standard “dynamic” drivers—the kind used in the vast majority of home stereo speakers and headphones—an electric current passes through a small coil of wire that vibrates a little cone-shaped diaphragm to produce sound. While there are a lot of excellent headphones that use dynamic drivers, even the best will distort sound at higher volumes. It’s just physics.

Planar magnetic drivers solve the distortion problem. Instead of a small coil interacting with a cone-shaped diaphragm at a single point of contact, planar magnetic drivers use a much larger flat diaphragm with wires woven all throughout. This diaphragm is sandwiched between flat magnets that provide the electrical current, so instead of a force being applied to the diaphragm at one point, it’s equally distributed across the entire surface. The result is minimal distortion and incredible sensitivity, which creates brilliantly detailed and lifelike sound.

As you would expect, headphones with planar magnetic drivers are typically a lot more expensive than headphones with dynamic drivers. And sure enough, the HE400i from HiFiMAN usually retail for $449. However, right now they’re on sale for just $159, which is nearly 65-percent off the regular price.

What makes the HIFIMan HE400i headphones really special—aside from their superior audio quality—is their unrivaled portability. Due to the size of their drivers, most planar magnetic headphones require an external amp to beef up the input signal. That means you really can’t use them outside the house or studio. However, the HIFIMAN HE400i can be plugged straight into your phone or mp3 players. They’re also 30 percent lighter than most planar magnetic headphones and feature specially designed beveled ear pads that improve comfort and sound quality.

If you’re looking to take your headphone game to the next level, take advantage of this price on the during the HIFIMAN HE400i headphones sale. It’s quite possible you won’t come across a deal this good again.