Don't Worry, We've Found Your Perfect Weekend T-Shirt

The Flint and Tinder Heavyweight Tee is what you'll be wearing on the weekends


We’re not foolish. T-shirts, a lot like the rest of the items a guy adds to his closet, blends together. How many pairs of chinos seem exactly the same? What about button downs and sunglasses. The only thing that usually tells them apart is their price tag.

Shirts are often no different but we feel like the Heavyweight Tee from Flint and Tinder rises a bit above the fray and makes it a good choice for your go-to weekend tee. We were able to try this shirt on and try it out for a while. Here’s what we thought:

First, the fabric is thicker. It’s similar to the Wellen Hemp tee we reviewed recently. It’s got a quality that makes it feel like it’ll survive and keep it’s shape and color through several rounds in the washer/dryer.

The quality is the cotton. These shirts are 100% carded cotton. Not sure what that is? It’s a process in making the cotton that isn’t exactly the standard process but the result is that it will create a thicker and more durable cotton product. This is why when we put it on it feels like it’s going to withstand the wear and tear of whatever we do on the weekends.

Despite the fact that it feels durable we don’t, in any way, mean to suggest that it feels tough when wearing it. Only the opposite is true. It’s very comfortable and perfect for long days on the weekend running around checking everything on your list to yard work or get-togethers.

This fabric is spun and made all in the USA and it’s only running $35 dollars. That’s in line with what you’d pay for most t-shirts but the Heavyweight Tee is bound to last you longer.