These Sunglasses Blow the High Priced Alternatives Out of the Water

You can't be the quality for the price


Here’s the problem most people have had with sunglasses: there are only two kinds of sunglasses. There’s the well made and durable pair that cost you what it might cost for a week or two worth of food. Or there’s the super affordable pair that costs you maybe a couple cups of quality coffee but last about as long as those cups do. They are cheaply made and feel like it from the moment you put it on.

So the first thing that caught our eye about the Sunski brand is the price. At $68 dollars they aren’t incredibly cheap, but they certainly beat the price of most of the alternative brands on the market. The question is with a price that’s in the middle (but honestly more on the lower end) what’s the quality you get.

First, the lenses are polorized so for some that takes these out of the equation but for us it wasn’t an issue. Our reviewer likes the polarized lenses. It’s also made with a scratch resistant material so that means that these shades are likely to hold up to being thrown in your pocket, tossed in the back seat or any other normal hell you put your pair through.

The frames are polycarbonate and have what Sunski describes as “tight-lock steel.” What does that mean? Well, it means that when you pick up these shades they feel light, maybe too light to be trusted. However, trust us when we say these things are durable. They stand up the abuse we inflict on our sunglasses. And if you’re going to be outside all day you don’t want a set of frames that feels heavy on your face.

We also like the variety. On alone there’s 11 different colors and patterns so what you’re seeing in the images in this article are just one of many.

And we’ll go back to the price. We’ve been testing these for a week and we’ve made sure to give these the stress test they deserve. What we’ve found is that they hold up just like the first day. At $68 dollars that’s a value we’re really excited about and you should be too.