Future iPhones Could Have Full Week Charge With Disposable Hydrogen Battery

There's just one little catch.


The iPhone 6 is fun as hell except for a trash power supply, but a new hydrogen battery could keep you going a full week without having to plug your phone in.

iDigitalTimes says prototype is a disposable battery running on a fuel cell that uses a chemical reaction between hydrogen and water to create electricity. It can’t be recharged, but you should get as much as seven days out of it before you throw it out for a new one.

But nothing can ever be easy, can it? As Forbes notes, the chemical process requires the phone be kept in a ventilated area so air can be blown across the fuel cell. That would mean no more carrying your phone in bags or pockets, and I’m not sure how we’d all adjust to that. Then again quite a few of us manage to keep them out and under our watchful gaze anyway, even while, say, crossing a busy Manhattan intersection. If you’re willing to risk death to check your Instagram, getting an extra six days on your charge should be a fair trade.